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Though I didn't personally enjoy Code Geass R2 I can sympathize with those interested in what's offered. There are enough characters that anyone could find one to connect with and cheer for. Sadly, the numerous characters all fight for supremacy and much of character development is lost in the melee. The story like the characters feels covoluted when look at as a whole though there are many masterful narrative devices incorporated in varying amounts; one example being the tactful and intriguing finale. Overall, I would recommend the show to quick-and-flashy fans as well as emo kids. The only reason I couldn't enjoy the show is because a protagonist that laughs and others misfortunes and obsesses over a sister he refuses to spend time with isn't what I find pleasurable.

Final Notes: Watch if you're interested, it'll probably be worth it.

Overall score weights Story and Characters over Animation and Sound.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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firemage Nov 14, 2009

A fair review ("fair" as in reasonably unbiased). Considering we've had a couple people who didn't like the show create reviews someone who was a fan should probably write one to somewhat balance things :P

I'm up to ep 21 and would say I'm one of the fans although I'm finding the middle of the 2nd season VERY mech heavy which is a major downer.

sothis Oct 4, 2009

Great review - you might enjoy Vivisqueen's site review too, as she seems to share your opinion.