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Dropped on Intro? DOI

29 APR

I have to say I don't usually pick up shows that look drop worthy, but one show grafted into my want-to-watch list has had a quick falling out simply because of the opening. Black Lagoon caught my eye through an interesting premise and because of certain recommendations. As I began watching the first episode I noticed two things about the intro that completely turned me off to the show: angsty, whiny lyrics to the introduction theme and a quick flash of all the main characters smoking. Seeing this--and other fictional references-- and noticing how many people on the street smoke while simply walking to school has me believing that people still think smoking is cool. I've never thought purposely shortening your life through a physically dirty addiction was the most glamorous of practices. When certain characters smoke it can be cool to me to create realism through a diversity of characters, but when every person within a ficitonal sphere decides to partake in such practices I figure it's just a group of people I'd rather not be affliated with, even through viewing.

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