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Special A

Dec 27, 2009

Special A contains the atmosphere of the commonly scene high school life of a budding romance between a boy and girl.  As common as it may seem, the strenuous life of Hikari enforces herself to become number one, agaisnt her top rival, since childhood, Tadashi.  The anime's cliche scenes come across numerous times, even though I've watched a few episodes.  During the beginning episodes of this anime, it's obvious to predict the ending, of the long awaited confession of Tadashi and Hikari's love.  Besides the unoriginal storyline and character development of the special class, "S.A," I became fond of the cutsey randomness of many of the secondary characters.  Unfortunately, I can't really commend any support for the animation of this anime.  The elongated characters remind me of clamps first works of tsubasa chronicles; the overly sized hands and feet. (-.-)  Overall, I do believe this anime has some enjoyable factors of romantic comedy, and high school life with a group of rich kids, but I can't help but feel bored after the first few eps, especially seeing too many of the same punchlines, and the  sitting through the predictable endings of each episode. 

7/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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kawaiiprincess Feb 5, 2011

I can not agree with you. I will admit that the beginning isn't all that good, but when you get further it'll get better! Also I wanna say that the music is chosen perfectly! I'm sure if you'll get through the first episode's you'll like it just as much as I do!

I know this because I'm rewatching it right now, I knew I really liked it last time. But this time it took me a lot of time to get through the first episodes too!

Lumineux Jan 1, 2010

i watched half of the first episode and decided to drop it for now. the first thing i noticed about the characters is their legs. they are pretty much 2 grades higher than a stick figure. obvious, cliche, and too frequent anime elements is what stopped me. girl doesnt speak, but holds up a sign of what she would say. those too frequent exaggerated anime expressions. those buckets over the head after getting verbally owned. and people who apparently can box-vault over 50 ft.

the story may be good, but ill put this off unless it is REALLY funny.