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Name's Mira! 

To Mira... Anime is :D->






HAA...  Anyhow!  Mira's on a search for good stories with awesome climaxes!

So far, Mira still hasn't found a worthy anime to fall in love with completely.  There were other lovers...but unsatisfying endings :P

Why does Mira like talking in 3rd person?  BECAUSE... she's crazy... maybe... who knows. HA ask her yourself :P

Mira likes to watch anything under the sun, ranging from a cutsey K-On and Strawberry Marshmellow, to grotesque animation like Claymore, or Blood Plus.  Other than that, Mira likes political satirial (is this a word? O_O) focuses like Moribito, and Kemono no souja erin (WHICH SHE JUST FINISHED YESTERDAY)

Other than that, boring dramas, that make Mira cry are good too, but her sentimentality is too sensitive to see depressing people die like on every other episode (-has been ruined by her previous addiction of KOREAN DRAMAS) ...maybe when she goes emo HAHA :P

Depending on Mira's mood, her anime tastes change, but she absolutely distastes Mecha.  However, she has watched some mecha anime before, but is  traumatized after seeing a couple that totally lacked in substance.. HAHA but seriously... if anyone can make Mira fall in love with a mecha anime, that will be the end of the world.. :P


Can Mira ever succeed to complete her voyage in her compilation research of AWESOMNEST ANIME?!

Can anyone ever know why Mira writes in third person?

Can anyone offer recommendations to Mira?

Can Mira ever stop raping her kawaii dog?

Can Mira write a more nonsensical, creepy 'about me' section?



Laaaa~~~ :D


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KurosuGemu Jan 1, 2010

Sure will. Happy New Year to you too!

TheMajor5 Jan 1, 2010

Ahh you have a profile now.  Cool! they could never have enough proof for that anime anyways but im always up for a fight XD.  Anyways mira is an odd one, talking in 3rd person XD.

One recommendation, since you like mass gore and an interesting story, Berserk is a must watch anime.  some serious gore, though with bad ending, its continued in the manga which is the goriest art ive ever seen.

KiraRin Dec 31, 2009

Oh, I only loved Doki so much because of Ikuto *girly love-filled stare*. His relationship with Amu and the interference from Tadase had me squealing with girly delight. Unfortunately, I spoilt the series for myself by reading some of the manga spoilers >.<


KurosuGemu Dec 30, 2009

Thanks for the kind words for my review! As you can see I rated Enjoyment as a 7, which is what I feel is the overall rating of the show. However, I have decided to do reviews methodically by averaging the scores of each category including Enjoyment as the final series score. So as you said you rated it a 6, I would rate it a 7 overall. Not too far off hah the show had the potential to be better and I wanted it to see it do that but alas... it was more or less mediocre when all is said and done; there's still the ova and maybe a 3rd season (pure speculation).

TheMajor5 Dec 28, 2009

Ahh tthank you for the comment on my review, I was sure I might start a fight or somehting over the anime since I bashed it so bad.  But i got a good comment yeah. lol  Well anyways the anime was trash and you made a good choice not continue, serious waste of time. They could of made it sooo much more interesting but idk they didnt, indeed a shame T_T. Once again thanks for the comment, Im glad i could help!!! ahhahahah