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I'm a physician who started getting into anime full-time thanks to my wife. I'm not sure how I didn't become a fan earlier since I've always loved animation.

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sothis Nov 1, 2007

I just realized you live in the hometown of The Office... awesome! haha

quippy Oct 23, 2007

hey if u have difficulties with finding spring and chaos maybe i can halp :)

abunai Oct 23, 2007

Thanks for the comment on my Top 5. Only Yesterday (思いでぽろぽろ, Omoide poroporo) is a wonderful film from Studio Ghibli, probably the best they've ever made. Essentially, it's the story of one woman's journey into memories of her childhood, and a realisation of what they mean to her. If you liked Millennium Actress, you'll probably like this one. It's a very slow, almost sedate film, and the audience response generally falls into one of two categories: deeply moved or deeply bored. Let's hope you fall into the former category. 

tasanime Oct 3, 2007

I really don't think anything will ever beat Monster for me.  It's just so well written, I'm glad to hear though that a physician is enjoying it because it says to me that it means that their medical/surgical references must be good then - another proof of just how well thought-out of the series is.... now just to find a NAzi and get their comments!

You've headed in a similar direction to myself in terms of what anime is seen so early on, it's so hard to find anything to top some of the series' though!  Although having seen your "to watch" list i'd say you're still on pretty good track, especially with the likes of Mushishi & Claymore..

Arcanum Oct 3, 2007

About Haibane Renmei, it's not that I don't appreciate the quality of that anime, but rather, the themes of the series didn't really strike a chord with me. Obviously, this is no fault of the anime.

When I eventually get around to reviewing it, you'll see that I have high praises for the way it is done, despite the fact that the anime was not highest on my enjoyment list. I'm always trying to be as objective as possible. :)