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I'm a physician who started getting into anime full-time thanks to my wife. I'm not sure how I didn't become a fan earlier since I've always loved animation.

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1010rikku Nov 15, 2007

I, like you, have a very wide range of taste when it somes to anime. Whta's most important to me when I watch a series or movie is the storyline and the characters. Just from your short description, I have a feeling this will be something I will enjoy :)


1010rikku Nov 15, 2007

In other words...if you HAD Elfen Lied as your #1 and it was de-throned by Haibane Renmei, then maybe I should check it out...

*goes off to check out anime description and recs*

styln Nov 14, 2007

With Boogiepop Phantom I have heard that issue with identifying the characters, but I was talking more about that reduce color palette along with the scenary gave the series an awesome feel, well for me at least. Yeah I have to agree it does get a little out there after the first few episodes.

 I'll definitely check out Higurashi seems very interesting. I have heard some things about Elfen Lied, I actually purchased it but haven't got around to watching it yet.

wolfangel87 Nov 14, 2007

Cowboy Bebop is a really good anime, it was one of the  first ones that I ever watched.

Just wanted to come by and say hi! 

styln Nov 14, 2007

Thanks on commenting on my top 5. =D Yeah I'll be sure to check out Haibane Renmei. Glad you like my top 5 and yeah Kino's Journey is awesome. I also can't wait for that GG sequel the first one was just so awesome.

I can see how Boogiepop Phantom can be confusing mainly because it deals a lot with the light novels and they are never really explained clearly or straight forward. I just really enjoyed it because I love the art style and I'm a sucker for psychological horror type things.

Also awesome top 5 I haven't seen Monster or Elfen Lied yet but I do plan on getting around to it. I have seen Cowboy Bebop awesome series I just loved the music involved with the series.