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I'm a physician who started getting into anime full-time thanks to my wife. I'm not sure how I didn't become a fan earlier since I've always loved animation.

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Scranton, PA

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May 30, 2007

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March 1, 2014

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Cetonis avatar Cetonis


Dec 4, 2008

So anime fans do exist out here in the mountains :P I always thought I was more apt to run into someone from the Hyde Park area on the internets -.-'

noone avatar noone


Jun 27, 2008

LOL, this has to be a large group :D

Sandbar avatar Sandbar

Thanks! ^_^

May 22, 2008

Hi Rhesian!

Thanks for commenting - much appreciated talking to like-minded individuals. :-)

Hey, we're the same age, and both got into anime full-time last year! hehe

Though I really didn't get into my stride until late last year, so I've still got a bit of catching up to do to you. lol

I notice Planetes and Mushishi are on your top 10 list. They're the ones I really want to check out next.

Thanks again, and speak with you next time dude!



mastersam avatar mastersam


May 5, 2008

that is goo...johann in someone life is bad indeed

noteDHero avatar noteDHero


Apr 28, 2008

Me too.  It's a shame though that most seinen, character driven shows are shorter, like Haibane and Kino's Journey.

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