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I'm pretty sure I've said this in my review for Alice in the Country of Hearts...oh, how I wish I'd never have to use that argument again...sadly, for the case of Amnesia, it only further proves that when it comes to anime adaptions of dating sims, Otome games have a LONG way to go...

Springing off from that, Amnesia is a very new anime series that is currently still airing. It might not be the best time to write a review, but with the series just about over, now is a good time to write about what we all might think before the show starts to build up to a grand finale.

...if you can call it "grand".


Amnesia is the story about a 19-year old girl who wakes up one August day to find that she has no memories whatsoever. The rest of the anime follows her encounters with the 4 (or possibly 5) handsome young men as she tries to figure out who she is. With a plotline like that, you'd think this would be a relatively decent tale of mystery. However, that Adaptation Bug has reared its ugly head yet again! Rather than staying dedicated to a single specific plotline, Amnesia loses the chance to tell an engaging story by opting to squeeze every possible storyline into this 11-episode series. 

Every male encounter our heroine goes through can be considered to be arcs (for the moment) that are only connected by the fact that after a few days, the girl wakes up to find that she's back in the past and dating the next fellow on the color spectrum. While this formula might be pleasing to those who support the "couple of the day", this still leaves the Plot-Hungry fans clawing at their television sets/computer screens, practically begging at this point for answers. Why hasn't the heroine discovered anything about her past? Why is she back in the past AGAIN? Why can't she just meet other people rather than the same old folk that's been bringing her back to the past? This anime just WANTS to give you a headache, and at times, you really DO feel like you have amnesia. Every character is a mystery and just when you feel like you're about to figure something out, BAM she's back to August 1st and the boys have no recollection of it.


Holy Hell, this anime is pretty...this is 2012-2013 anime we're talking about here folks. Animation is UP. Being that Amnesia IS based off a dating sim, it makes sense for the characters to look drop dead gorgeous, which they do...

Now, this just might be my shojou-art-hating self, but the COLORS in this anime can be a bit gut-churning. This anime is virtually void of solid colors and hair shades are downright unrealistic (in anime standards). The eyes have to be the most distracting, with all the boys having cotton candy-colored irises that don't match their hair colors/color schemes. To add on, I was never really a big fan of animes that have character designs that stick out in a crowd of regulars. This ESPECIALLY applies to the clothing, with the fashionably realistic Heroine in her little sweater and hat, verus Shin and those Goddang mismatched thigh-high boots.

Colors aside though, really, Amnesia's animation is top quality for a shojo.


The sound might be one of Amnesia's strongest points. The opening and ending themes are fantastic and give it a sense of mystery. The voices for the guys (which, ladies, we know is important for otomes...) do their jobs of sounding hot. You have the typical monotone protagonist, and the whiny,clingy fangirl voice for one of Ikki's girls. Audio isn't my strong point, but music-wise, it's really good.


As stated before, Amnesia delivers its story in ways that make you feel like you have amnesia. The characters are all essentially a mystery to the Heroine, and every new arc she begins deepens their omnious behavior even more. Every man she starts a new August with, claims that they're dating her and,even more gut-wrenching, they know more about the protagonist than she does, herself. As of yet though, the anime has failed to really explain what any of these mysteries really contribute to the plot,which is the main character trying to find out who she is and why she's lost her memories.

The characters themselves are slightly better than the typical bishie, with all of them college-aged or older, and having lives beyond revolving around the Heroine's every whim. There are times when they all seem a little too nice to the girl, pinning her against a wall/bed, threatening to kiss her or whatever, only to reconsider. I tell you folks, if there's one thing that pisses off fangirls more, it's being teased by their favorite couple(s). Otome games are very modest like this, probably because rough boys belong in H-Games, but the sexual tension that can build in reverse harems can get annoying. Amnesia is no different. JUST KISS HER, DAMMIT!!

Once again, though, the characters are all a mystery to us. The Heroine just wanders around with her token boyfriend of the day with no memory whatsoever of just who the guy is. It also doesn't really help that the protagonist's fairy, Orion shows up randomly with all the answers we've been craving, only to disappear just when he's about to explain what the hell has been going on for the past 9 episodes.


Of course, it's only been 9 episodes. (Well, as of today 11...). That's still a relatively decent amount of time to explain what's been happening without it being a total info dump. But with the way the anime has been painting the story thusfar, I wouldn't be surprised if the boys were just playing with the Heroine's mind...WHO, by the way, has no name.

Should we continue to watch though? Despite the failed chance at telling a decent story, Amnesia is STILL a mystery. We should all keep watching to see if we get any of our burning questions answered. We picked up bits and pieces along the way that might not match, or be a perfect fit. It's up to the finale to make up our final impressions.

So tell me folks, what do you see coming out of this? A gorgeous mosaic, or a pile of broken pieces?

6/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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