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Let's see, about me eh?

Well, about 2 years ago my friend had been trying to get me into anime. He reccomended Code Geass to me, loading up the first episode. I sat down, watched the first opening minutes, joked about the Title and then stopped watching. Big Mistake I would later realize. About a year later, in December of 08 I sat down again and decided to try and watch Code Geass again. I was completely sucked in and caught up to the, then, current episode in the second season. It's now one of my favorite anime.

With that out of the way, I have a hard time saying I won't watch something. I'm really open in what I like to watch and don't really stick to any specific genre. There isn't anything I won't at least take a look at with the exception of anything clearly aimed at young children and to a lesser extent, the sports genre. At the same time I also have a hard time saying I dislike an anime. It takes quite a bit for me to dislike an anime even if most people regard it as terrible. I have a habit in finding something "good" in it. Lastly it takes even more for me to drop an anime. I'm a bit of a collecter/completionist in regard to certain things, anime being one of them. Because of that i'll usually finish it just to be able to say I finished it. Generally on my first time watching an anime I'll watch it in English first if it's available and then watch it again in Japanese if I liked it.  I like seeing both sides of the anime and how things are localized and translated as well as the little (or big) details that get changed.

As to the status of my anime list

Watching - Well I'm currently watching it. Self Explanitory.

Watched - Pretty self explanitory too.

Stalled - Lack of availability; don't have the episodes to watch to continue the series but I definitely planning on continuing it.

Dropped - Usually because it bored me half to death. You won't see this on my list very often, but it happens.

My star ratings refer to how much I enjoyed the anime, not my critique of it.

I read some Manga too, but that usually takes quite a bit of time since I prefer to actually have the manga in my hands rather then read it on a computer screen.

As for what I do/am outside of Anime. I'm a college student, currently undeclared, but we'll see how long that lasts. I'm a gamer as well, favorite genre being RPGs (It's probably the only type of games that I own.).

I think that's it...If you ever want to talk about anything...

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