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My thoughts on HOTD

12 APR

Hey internet, its me Restanda again. Sorry about not posting yesterday, my internet kinda was out for the day. Today's post will be about highschool of the dead and my thoughts on it, that being said its a relatively short anime and therefore this post will be kinda short.

Highschool of the dead takes the premise of a zombie apocalypse, puts it into anime form, and throws in chicks with big tits, a psycho gun otaku, and a ditzy nurse who trips over floormats, which makes it good for entertainment but it lacks a bit in the content department. I would like to see a lot more of it, and I heard the manga goes further so I will read it soon and get back to you guys about it. THe anime itself was quite good except for the fact that I found it too short.

I would like to know what you guys think of it as well, so please leave a comment or two on the post, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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MOJ avatar MOJ
Jun 23, 2013

Man HOTD had a whole lot of plot, if you know what I mean.Jokes aside, there was just way too much fanservice. Its beyond comfort levels. That scene with the sniper bullet going through the breasts? Just blew every limit not meant to be crossed. It was just a large clusterpuck of fanservice. Ruined the actual story of the series.

default avatar Equin0x
Apr 18, 2013

wish the anime continued as far as the manga did, didnt read it though.

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