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Thoughts on Angel Beats


Well hello there faithful readers, its time for another installment of my blog dedicated to my thoughts on the anime I watch. Today's blog will be on Angel Beats, which I consider one of my favorite animes. Like always, I will mention some details of the show, and I will give my honest opinion. Everything in this is my opinion based on my impressions of the show, so dont bitch about it please.

The premise of Angel Beats is that when teenagers who had a bad life and didnt get to enjoy their childhood die, their souls end up in this strange sort of purgatory that is modeled after a high school. However, sometimes people like our main character who have led fulfilled lives and experience a great head trauma before they die can forget that they had a purpose in their life and end up there.

The show's main "antagonist" in the beginning of the show is a cute, white haired girl called Angel by the leader of the Underwold Battlefront, however as the anime progresses and our main character becomes closer to Angel, he learns that her name is Kanade Tachibana. Anyway, she is the Student Body President of the school, and for some reason despite her living a model life, she somehow doesnt get obliterated, which is what leads Yuri and the rest of the SSS to believe that she is some kind of angel. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this, If you lead a normal life on the campus and enjoy your time there you eventually disappear and are reincarnated. The SSS, or Underworld Battlefront, intentionally skip class and make trouble so that they dont disappear, toward the end of rebelling against god by rebelling against "angel" who they think is God's representative in the school.

The series is quite well done, and one of the big recurring jokes is the fact that you can't truly die there, you can die but its just extremely painful and you wake up fine in a while, so they play with that quite a bit and at a couple parts they make the reactions of the characters to some of the deaths so dramatic that its hilarious since they dont really die.

All in all I find this an amazing series and would recommend it to any of my friends and to all of my readers here on Anime-Planet. As always, if you have any comments or concerns, leave me a comment. If you enjoyed this, a comment letting me know would be awesome, and it would be even moreawesome if you spread the word about my blog so other people can enjoy it as well.

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