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Thoughts on Guilty Crown


Hello there again internet, its time for another installment of my blog. Today I will be discussing one of my favorite animes, Guilty Crown.

Guilty Crown is on my top five list of anime for quite a few reasons. First, the music for the openings are amazing! The first season's opening is My Dearest, performed by Supercell, and the second season's opening is The Everlasting Guilty Crown, performed by Supercell under the name of Egoist, which is the name of a fictional band of which Inori Yuzuriha, the main female lead, is part of. Also, the power that Shuu wields, the Void Genome, is very unique, and something I have not seen before, and is an excellent vehicle to promote the theme of the power of friendship. Inori is also a very well doen character, she may seem cold at the beginning but it is well explained near the end, she also is quite hot and she loves to wear this outfit that bears alot of skin.

This ends the part of my blog thats on the non-personal issues and I have a little bit of a personal statement afterwards, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you liked it please let me know through comments, adnd please spread it so that more people can enjoy.

Well today I got my first figurine, it was of Saber. Its about 6 inches tall and it shows her in full armor holding excalibur. That ends my personal note.


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