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My thoughts on Fate/stay night


Hi there again, Its time for another installment of my blog. Sorry about the time, I would have had it up earlier but the site was down for a while. I think I will talk a bit about Fate/stay night in this installment. I generally liked the anime, however in the anime it doesn't go into much detail about Saber's past, which is something I would like to see, especially since of her unique situation since in the real world, the Epic Hero she is modeled after is male. I went elsewhere for the explanation, but it would have been nice to see it in the anime itself. Otherwise, the anime was quite good. Although, I didn't like the ending, mainly because I would have liked to see her stay with Shirou, but I guess it couldn't be avoided. Saber was a very well done character, however I would have liked to get to know the character a little better and have seen them in a comedic situation, however it didn't really fit the tone of the anime. For the other people who would have liked to see the characters of this anime in comedic situations, check out Carnival Phantasm, however I recommend watching at least Tsukihime as well before since its a crossover between that, Melty Blood (which is a video game I believe) and Fate/stay night. If you wanted some more serious action with Saber, Check out fate/zero, it tells of the story of the 4th grail war, where she also shows up as a main character. Once again, if you liked this blog, or would like to hear more about todays topic, leave a comment and I will be glad to talk to you a bit about it. And again, if you liked it, spread it around to all your friends.

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