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I've been watching anime since high school, when a chance viewing of Vampire Hunter D managed to pique my curiousity.

My favorite anime usually tends to be violent, feature strong (possibly psychotic) women, and usually has some sort of supernatural element.

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Milwaukee, WI

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July 31, 2007

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February 23, 2009

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tetra avatar tetra


Oct 24, 2007

That is such a sweet avatar!

never cosplayed myself and dont really want to. But I love watching others ^^ 

default avatar Radu


Sep 7, 2007

hey this place is neat

Lolo avatar Lolo

You Rock!

Aug 29, 2007

Yeah cosplay!!! I want to do it! :) I love Samurai Champloo it rox my socks off! See ya around the block my dear - the marvelous captain lolo

Kivan avatar Kivan


Aug 18, 2007

Yeah...Revy is a total badass and that's why we love her :) As we do all strong psychotic female characters :) Welcome to A-P

Frost avatar Frost

Nice Avatar!

Aug 1, 2007

*points to Firestorm* - What he said. :3

He also told me to welcome your to the site, so you may consider yourself officially welcome. :D

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