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Hartvigen Aug 20, 2013

FUCK YOU NIGGER FAGGOT!!!1! you don't dislike koneko like that, she is the greatest gift to humanity since the internet and the sun, and i know that because i am a scientist and i study the earth and the sun for the good of the human race, for an example, did you know that the sun is really fcking hot like 9/10, and it has existed for over 1000 solar years (older than the dinosaurs), if you put your earhole up to the sun you can hear the ocean, staring directly at the sun will give you super powers!

Anyways still, you should not dislike things like koneko, she is a gift that we should treasure not hate, so you better remove her from you hate list or you shall recieve sincere judgement from lord Koneko herself.

Koneko is Love

Koneko is Life