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Hey guys.

Basic Info.

I'm 20.
I'm male.
I live in England.
I love cats.


I like Grunge, Drum 'n' Bass, Trance, Psytrance, Electronic, House 


I tend to prefer MMORPGs, RPGs, strategy, adventure and puzzle games.
My least favourite genre of game would most likely have to be sports or RTS.

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Fumze Sep 25, 2012

Haven't. Been planning on watching though. Haven't had much time to watch any other anime than the weeklies anyway :/

Menchi Sep 13, 2012

Hmm, I gotta look those names up then, I'm always looking for some good new music :)

Steam is pretty much the reason why I became a gamer, I mean I played games before in my brother's tabletop, but then we moved out and I got my own comp, and found Steam... and there it all began :D

I'm looking forward to Halloween, I wonder if there's some sales or something special on Steam then. At least there's the Scream Fortress again on TF2 ^_^

You're kidding, I'm playing Borderlands as well :D I'm down to the final Vault missions, and I've already done the Zombie Island and General Knoxx dlc's. I think it's a pretty cool game, at first it felt a bit difficult to get into it, but as the stroyline goes on, it gets more fun. And I like the graphics, that's actually why I bought it in the first place (and because of the winter sales). Might be a while before I can get the sequel though, since I've a bunch of stuff waiting to be played before that.

VoidTemplar Sep 12, 2012

The manga scanlations really need to catch up. They just finished the hair arc on chapter 28.

Menchi Sep 8, 2012

Heya there! I just randomly came across your profile and- what is this? Someone else who listens to electronic music? It's a rare encounter :D Any artists you spefically like? I'm a big Daft Punk fan myself, and for newer stuff, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris are my current favorites, among many others :)

You're gonna be a games designer? So you're gonna be working for Valve in the future? Making TF3 or something, I hope :D Valve is one of my favorite game companies, along with Bethesda and Rockstar... But, I'll play pretty much anything, from Mafia to Sims, Battlefield to NFS, Monkey Island to Morrowind... just to name a few ^_^

Fumze Aug 30, 2012

Work..... and Guild Wars 2!! ;D