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I have been watching anime on and off since I was a teenager when I found myself watching Gundam Wing and Escaflowne on some random channel.

I'm a fan of the fantastic, an enthusiasm which spills over into concept series. I can forgive a lot in an anime that has an immersive world or atmosphere that gives my imagination a new playground. I enjoy anime that deals with complex issues or themes but I wouldn't say I was the most sensitive tool in the lab and I often miss the obvious. I like prettiness and will watch appallingly boring plots for shiny drawings. I will also watch some pretty mindless stuff to pass the hours.

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Exhale Oct 22, 2008

Of course, I have no idea how I missed that... LOL. I just assumed it was comments for the top 5 animes. Thanks for broadening my hamster wheel! :)

Sandbar Oct 19, 2008

Hello again!!!

I notice you are over 100 anime watched now! Congrats! I only just reached 40. But I have watched 22 shows in the past 4 months, so I'm going to get there eventually. hehe Anyway, good luck with your studies and your graphic design pursuits. Ooh, and again, I love that profile - you seem to have a way with words. *sigh*.

Cheers from Aussieland!

valondar Oct 12, 2008

Hope you enjoy Angel's Egg when you do get around to seeing it. It's very slow-paced and exceptionally obtuse - it's debateable as to what, if anything, all its dense symbolism means. I adore it for its brooding tone, and its beautiful crafting of a memorable dream world. What I love most about animation is its ability to realise such worlds more clearly than any other medium - and Angel's Egg is one of my favourite examples of this.

Psoewish Oct 12, 2008

Gratz on your 100 watched mark =O

Just saw you in the recent user activity marking something watched and then noticed this :P

Sandbar Oct 11, 2008

That sounds like an awesome job, Releashi!

I've been a graphic designer now for about 4 years, but as I'm doing it freelance (and in a small town too), it's always a bit difficult. I haven't had that much formal training though (only a diploma in multimedia), and most of what I do has been self taught. I used to be a computer programmer, but I found that to be a bit uncreative and stale.

I hope your career in design (if that's what you're striving for) goes well.

All the best!