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I have been watching anime on and off since I was a teenager when I found myself watching Gundam Wing and Escaflowne on some random channel.

I'm a fan of the fantastic, an enthusiasm which spills over into concept series. I can forgive a lot in an anime that has an immersive world or atmosphere that gives my imagination a new playground. I enjoy anime that deals with complex issues or themes but I wouldn't say I was the most sensitive tool in the lab and I often miss the obvious. I like prettiness and will watch appallingly boring plots for shiny drawings. I will also watch some pretty mindless stuff to pass the hours.

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stemcellwhoa Apr 11, 2009

Haha, I love yr forum picture! Whats you avi on here from also? Looks cute!

valondar Apr 3, 2009

I'm so glad you enjoyed Windy Tales. It's easily one of my favourites too! (one of these days I'll write a review for it). Likewise Angel's Egg. :)

valondar Dec 2, 2008

Thanks! Great top five anime, now that I can see them. Been meaning to watch Samurai Champloo and Last Exile, and I've got nothing but love for the other three.

Exhale Oct 24, 2008

They both look a little different. I'm downloading the first episodes of both now to get a peak to see if I like them.

Exhale Oct 22, 2008

I didn't really like Kaiba when I watched the first episode because the animation was so different compared to regular anime. And it sort of started in the middle making it confusing in the beginning. I got used to that and it turned out to be the most interesting anime I have seen. It really is incredible when animations are as creative as that. It's so fun to really be suprised by the imagination exhibited.

I had to rifle through your animelist :) You are really good at rating! I see you have rated almost everything. I got into anime about 4 years ago but I find that I have forgotten almost everything I have seen.

Who is your avatar of?