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Oct 4, 2009

This would have fallen flat if it weren't for the characterisation of the central characters. A pretty basic plot rescuing a damsal in distress with a small twist and the fighting wasn't hugely compelling or particularly interesting in their animation. Only a few of the relationships interested me but some of the characters geuinely seemed to develop and impact on each other more than in a lot of series I have seen. I hated the opening and ending themes passionately and didn't notice the soundtrack at all. 

Murasaki Kuhoin was a great character despite seeming a bit older than 7 to me, she outshone just about everyone but made the others actions and the plot understandable. Despite the conventional expectations of the plot I still felt Shinkurou Kurenai's character and what he would do was in question, he was made better by his interactions with Murasaki and realistically grew as a person.

The bad guys and many of the incidental characters felt flat and weren't given the attention they should have been. I am normally a a fan of leaving some things up to the audience to decide but the Kuhoin motivations just didn't feel real enough to commit the crimes they did.

Overall enjoyable and adequate enough in most areas that it was watchable and enjoyable with only the central characters really providing the interest and drive of the show. 

5/10 story
6/10 animation
2/10 sound
8/10 characters
6/10 overall
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MikeSinner Oct 24, 2010

Yeah that is one messed up family! And the motivation indeed is a bit farfetched, espceially considering how easily "the head of the family" changed his mind to fight, while a few inutes before he was still saying people objected for generation, but it didn't matter to them. That aside from the fact that he was being bossed around, so why would he suddenly have an impact waving his status around, when it didn't help him much before.Nontheless, I did enjoy most of the show, even if it would have been nice to see some more character depth. Oh, and I'll warn you about episode 6 for those who haven't seen this yet. First it's like WTF?! Then it's like LMAO and throughout that episode it's like, ok, so this has nothing what-so-ever to do with the story at all. =P