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Just a guy who loves Japan and spend most time watching anime

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shadowds Jun 27, 2012

not bad i might rebuy red dead Redemption game of the year if my friend plans to get it too witch im not sure what he doing this summer if he working or taking a break like me lol and i totel forgot that i didn't get Resonanc of fate yet its till on my want to get list lol if you got time add me on the psn shadowds230 if you want.

shadowds Jun 27, 2012

That right its summer break now totel forgot you plan to play on the tmu server more?

shadowds Jun 21, 2012

That funny my math teacher don't care if i play it or as long im in the far back of the room with headphones on lol.

But my history teacher hates me for no reason other then me getting homework done ahead of time and not watching the movie she puts on for history lol. Put i just play with pen and draw pictures of anime characters then she took my stuff and yes same person that tryed to steal my psp because it was in my bag lol. soon teacher hear my mom was going to sue she gave it right back and thown it at me said here don't bring it to class litten punk. i just laugh at her i was not playing with it in class in 1st place i got 5 people to back me up on it because they were looking at what i was drawing lol.

Best part i never have to see that bitch again ever! lol  and i egg her car on last day of school too as for massing with me lol. she got what coming anyways only my math teacher was cool because give whole class cookies and free time for getting work done ahead of time on algebra and geometry lol good times.

shadowds Jun 20, 2012

That sucks your lab is cut off from ya. Also when I was in school i would read my manga on the bus from my cfw psp (1st gen) I change the os on it to cfw 1.50.

good times... till my teacher try to steal it from me lol. anyways If your looking for anything good to watch ask me can also add me on steam i have same username as here and on steam so easy to find me.

shadowds Jun 19, 2012

I rarely get homework because I get it done before class ever over and my teachers been dieing to give me load of homework but they their scared that might get it done within a week like i did with my summer homework every year they gave me 400 - 450 pages of homework got it done under a week before school out lol

They keep saying how can i give you homework if you don't take it home.

all i said to my teacher is well i guess my work is home because it was born in the school photo copyer so it home and its work lol.

and no i dont do homework on lunch break i watch anime and eat lunch in the scrool computer lab.