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Nov 12, 2010


As I watched Needless, I constantly thought that the first sentence of my review for it would be 'What the SHIT was this...?' That's not that I ever thought it was bad- per se. It's because Needless is so fucking crazy that I wasn't sure if it would ever so signs of sophistication. Boy was I surprised. What started as an average set up that I could describe in one setence to sound exactly like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann sans mecha ended up being an action packed tale that created it's own entity and a lasting impression on me.


Adam...FUCKING... BLADE! It's been a while since.... No, not a while, it's been since Kamina I've seen someone so manly and full of epic. Blade is downright hilarious, a lolicon priest with the ability to absorb anyone's powers. How do I put this... he's like Gintoki and Kamina combined in a giant bowl of testasterone! His antics are really gold, some of them caught me so unaware I narrowly avoided an asthma attack from laughter. That should clue you in though- some of the comedy is shock humor and quite a bit goes a bit on the farside so easily offended people should look elsewhere.

The other portion of the comedy is in how outright stupid (in a good way) Needless is. Attack names are the most rediculous I've ever seen, and damn is it funny. For some reason, shouting LITTLE BOY in english is the attack name for a fire punch. Yeah. On the subject of randomness, DAMN did Needless have an awesome 1st opening... seriously. Even if you don't end up watching this series give the opening a look at least.

Besides Blade, none of the other hero characters really hold up as interesting save for a few. Many of them are nothing but cutouts from stereotypes we've seen before, but I have a feeling that's what Needless was attempting to do. I liked the heroine, Eve and the Robotic loli Disc, but thats about all of them that aren't cutouts. But do cutouts really have to be so bad? Not in Needless' case. Most of the pointless Ecchi comes from the 'Pretty Girl Squad', which is essentially a 3 girl battalion of cutouts... and lord were they adorable. Dr. Gido is the definition of the 'Good Scientist', and I ended up loving him as a character too. Stereotypes are used effectively in Needless thus making it bareable and entertaining. Unfortunatly the same is true on the other side of the character cast, and the vast majority of Villains were bland and unoriginal. I'd go as far to say that only one of them was original, to be honest. If I hadn't made it clear, come to Needless for the action and the humor. It's not fucking Shakespeare.

While this show was random battle scenes wedged between various ecchi scenes, this changed at the climax of the series and for the last 5 episodes or so, I was truly absorbed. In the final scenes we finally get some depth into the good characters and many of our questions are finally answered, not to mention some really good fights and an awe-inspiring final battle. Personally, I liked Needless. But some people will not be able to wait till the end for it to 100% catch their interest. That's not to say the rest of the series is bad, but it's definatly nothing you haven't seen before.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Varagauzer Apr 21, 2012

Kenshiro is as manly as anyone can get

ReiTsubomi Aug 1, 2011

Well now I see how Little Boy relates to fire, but it's still rather random to be shouted for an attack name heh

Ximenenes Aug 1, 2011

Little Boy and Fat Man were the names of the atomic bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan.

Aizan May 2, 2011

I'm gonna go watch this right now because of this review thanks man

ReiTsubomi Mar 27, 2011

I said I liked Eve too. I didn't have any problem with her lol.