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The Law of Ueki

Oct 24, 2010

HOLD IT! Stop right there. Yes, you. I'm going to be blunt with you, Law of Ueki is not for ANYONE who is not REALLY into Shounen. Even if you're a casual shounen fan you more than likely won't see that much in Law of Ueki. Now on the other hand... if you love Shounen and all of its cliches like I do, page after page will be flying across your finger tips.

Law of Ueki is very similar to another series close to my heart, Shaman King (Gash Bell is also a very similar work, check them both out). If the art doesn't seem reminiscent to you, then just wait till I start talking about the story.


Kousuke Ueki is a strange teenager in the 7th grade... He's calm, collected, popular with girls, and can transform pieces of trash into full grown trees...? Ueki is far from normal as it turns out as he was given a magical power by a Celestial from another dimension. Mr. K is a celestial posing as a teacher at Ueki's school and he needs to find a middle schooler to represent him in the Celestial King's tournament. 100 Middle Schoolers will fight it out with magical powers, and the last one standing's Celestial Sponser will become the new king of the Celestial World. Not to mention a very motivating reward for the middle schooler as well with the Talent of Blank. When someone is given a Talent of Blank they are able to choose what they want that talent to be, even if that talent doesn't exist. (Talent of Immortality, Talent of Domination, ect.) There's also a problem... if Ueki uses his powers to hurt normal humans, one of his talents that he already has will be taken away and if he looses all the talents he has, he'll disappear.

Now, do you see what I mean by the cliches of Shounen? Training arcs, tournaments, the cute mascot, the evil rival, some sort of ki/chakra/haki/spirit energy varient, They're all practically in this and not even trying to hide, they just sit there in plain sight. Why should you bother reading this when it's something you've read over and over again? That's an easy question.

Law of Ueki has extremely likeable characters and I ended up becoming attached to just about all of them, especially Ueki himself. The interactions between Ueki and his mentor Mr. K are powerful and empathizing with the boy was a very easy task. The powers are incredibly original and will lead to very, very unique battles that I gaurentee you won't see anywhere else, may I be struck down otherwise. Seriously, you tell me where else someone has the power to turn sugar into electricity, let alone being able to use that power effectively in a fight! Law of Ueki is bizarre, off the walls and a very high percent of the time, utterly hilarious.

By this time, if you're still reading this review it's likely that you love Shounen manga and theres no reason you shouldn't go and read Law of Ueki right now. While essentially something repackaged over and over, this manga sets itself apart with its lovable characters and quirky situations, and I loved it so you will too.

7/10 story
6/10 art
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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