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Well,I'm an ordinary guy from Germany,who's study piano and I love to watch Animes.And you can see how many Animes i already saw;) and I'm not finished yet ^^

My interest for Animes began when I bought the first DVD of "Last Exile" in the year 2003.From that moment on I started to look many,many Animes.

And my favorite Anime Studio is Gonzo!!!!!

Some of my friends think that I'm crazy because they think Animes are for children,but this is totaly not true;)

So I hope, and I'm sure,I find here many people with the same interests^^

P.S.:Maybe I must apologize for my english and my spelling.I'm more fluent in understanding english:) That's also why I have many Animes in english dub^^

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zunes Sep 5, 2007

Hi again Rei! Just isn't nice to know that you aren't the ONLY European (can't count Japan or USA :-D) anime enthusiast on this planet, eh? I'm maybe 5 years younger than you are, but hell, I know what you're talking about when mentioning "my friends call me crazy 'cause I like to watch anime" :-). That's such a FALSE statement! And I'm sure too you will find many interesting persons to like here at A-P (advertising, advertising !! :-D). Anyway one last gig: Just wanted to recommend you to the Hunter x Hunter (abbreviated HxH) series 'cause that's one hellawa nice show (a bit childish and 'slow-paced' in the beginning, but it WILL GO TO THE GOOD). If you don't mind streaming, go to - there you will find the WHOLE anime ;-) Good day to you!

Kivan Sep 4, 2007

Welcome :) wanted to say that coz it's hard to find people with Noir in their top5 anime :) And you should try watching more subbed anime. I just can't stand dubbed. If I dl a dubbed by accident I delete it...much much better in jap with subs :)

zunes Sep 4, 2007

Hi Rei! Welcome to Anime-Planet! I found you in the newest users' tab so I thought I wanted to leave a hello :-) Hope you'll find AP useful - the people here are soo friendly, trust me :-D Well anyways Have A Very Pleasant Time with Anime-Planet ! Regards from zunes in F I N L A N D :-DD