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Hey there! I'm just another otaku/gamer. When I first saw this site years ago I thought it looked fun so I made an account and started playing around with the features, mostly the mylist. Now I keep up with this and multiple other database sites regularly. Yeah, I like doing this alot...

Here's my anidb

I've been into anime since I was in 5th grade which was back in 1998-99, so it has been over 15 years now. ouch... Unbelievable how time flies! So I started with the Toonami block of the time on U.S. TV. Back then it was still hosted by the CG Moltar from Space Ghost! hehe. I really got into Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon still an old favorite of mine). Robotech/Macross was also in the lineup around the same time and that became perhaps my favorite series. I'd like to rewatch some more of my top 20 and see how much I still like em! ha ha.

So anyway, I mostly watched the TV anime at first, but soon enough I started seeing Anime ads in my gaming magazines. (I was a huge gamer then, more on that later) So the first one that really jumped out at me was Sakura Wars. I saw the ad and I was like, you mean there's cartoons like this that aren't on TV? lol, a newb I was. I saved some cash up and went out and bought my first anime VHS at Suncoast (I miss those stores), volume 1 of Sakura Wars. It was like 25-30 bucks for 2 episodes. You can get a 13 episode series on dvd now for that price, funny how far things have come huh? So I loved the tape and ADV films always showed these awesome anime previews set to music at the beginning of their tapes. Most of the previews on the Sakura Wars tape became my early anime. Among them were Sorcerer Hunters, Dirty Pair Flash, Legend of Crystania, Gunsmith Cats, and Debutante Detective Corps. Those were fun days. I still love watching old OVAs BTW, they're usually a fun way to kill and hour or 2!

Anime always took a backseat to my gaming until about 2005 when I started working, building my own DVD collection, and I started watching fansubs as well. Around then I started considering myself a hardcore otaku. I've been picking and followed shows season by season since the end of 2009. Anime had become a bigger hobby then videogames to me by that point. I buy figures and go to conventions and everything now.

So I still love videogames too. Always have. My favorite genres are Tactical RPGs and Puzzle games. I also look into most any anime style game and I like alot of 2D shooters like Gradius.

Some of my favorite games are Tales of Symphonia, Phantasy Star, Ys, Puyo Pop, Tetris and Tetris Attack, Gradius III and pretty much any game by Nippon Ichi, especially La Pucelle Tactics and Disgaea! I also love old school Mario and Sonic games. (I don't much care for the newer Sonic games)

You can also find me on MAL and Backloggery.
I love these database/collection/record keeping websites!

Well I could go on forever but I'm gonna leave it at that. Thanks for reading my story!

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Reawen avatar Reawen

Nice Avatar!

Dec 7, 2007

Hahaha - great avatar!

sothis avatar sothis

Great Profile!

Nov 6, 2007

Hey nice!!! Good to see you filled stuff out. ^_^

By the way, I notice that your Color 1 in your signature (the URL color) is black... the name isn't visible! :D I suggest changing it to #FFFFFF (white) or a color.^_^

sothis avatar sothis


Oct 13, 2007

Hey Regulus, I notice your bio says you thought the site looked fun to check out, but you didn't have a chance to check out the features, it seems... need a helping hand? :) You can build up your anime list easily... just go to the alphabetical list of the anirec and select a status for each title (watched, watching, etc). You can mark each anime 1-5 stars there too. Vey soon you'll also be able to add your own mini reviews.

You can also make custom signatures now which are awesome, and a lot o f other stuff. I hope to see you back again! Hit me up if you want to chat or have questions :D

~sothis, webmistress

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