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Do you want to know something about my life? Well...I was born 15 years ago and I invest a lot of time studying…but, when I’m on holydays or week-ends I spend my time in some hobbies…

My interest: Drawing…I do it well but I’ve never participated in any competition. I also like the computer programming (I don’t know much about it but I enjoy myself). I play the electric guitar…I play many songs of my favorite music groups (Above!!) .I like bikes: some sport is good.I love video games (^_^)”.And…¡¡I love watch Anime and read Manga!!Shonen,shojo,seinen, Yon-koma…I really like films of Studio Ghibli

My favorite video games:Guilty Gear,The Legend of Zelda(only the oldest Zeldas),Final Fantasy(VII,VII Crisis Core,X , X2 and XII), God of War, Metal Gear, GTA, Phoenix Wright & Apollo Justice,and more…

My favourite music: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin and Slipknot...err,I've forgotten Rise Against...fatal error!!


Legend shall speak

Of sacrifice at world's end

The wind sails over the water's surface

Quietly, but surely -Loveless,act IV


PS:Yeah…I got a lot of spelling mistakes…sorry (u_u)

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dwites2008 Feb 24, 2009

Nice Top Five, Avatar, and Video Games.

Regal May 30, 2008

kenshina,I read the manga and later I watched the anime...I think Death Note is good in anime and manga;the anime version is a bit boring in some episodes but it´s awesome too^^.

kenshina May 30, 2008

Hello.  And Welcome!

>_< Nice avatar!  Teheh, I like your comments for your top 5 anime.

o_o I really adore simple thing.  =q I've never watched Death Note... only read in manga, but after L died, I stopped reading.  L was my favorite!!!  Is anime better than manga? (If you read)

See u.

wolfangel87 May 30, 2008


I also like your avvy a lot too!

 Welcome to AP!