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Well, gosh, what to say, what to say. Really I shouldn't say anything at all, I know that in a couple months I'll read over this and think, "Gosh was I this stupid?"

Well, here's my chance to make or break, I guess. Well if you are, by some mystical occurrence or something like that, reading this right now from where ever you are reading this. Gosh, this is one of those moments -_- Oh well :)

Right now I'm trying to look all over for a good anime to watch. An anime that I don't need to remember, or have much knowledge of back story for. If you have an anime like that, please let me know. Let's see, something not to dramatic, but nothing like bland and dull. And if you could maybe leave out horror, mystery I'm fine with, but horror just goes over the top with me. I've never liked it; Oh! Unless it's something like Another then I would LOVE to hear about it :P 


So, umm, I guess I'll just say Hi and leave it at that. 

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ShadowsDie says...

Hi ^.^

Mar 18, 2013
ShadowsDie says...

Hello, I'm Hannah! I just randomly stumbled upon your channel and thought I'd leave a, hi! Nice to meet you!

Mar 18, 2013