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Hello, I'm a moderate anime fan. When I have a block of free time, I like to watch a bunch of episodes of a certain new anime I've found. My favorite animes ever is Clannad and Clannad After Story, so if anyone knows any animes that they found just as good as these two, please let me know. I'm not sure if it's possible to top these two, but we can only hope. Thanks for viewing.

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January 7, 2012

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November 17, 2012

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default avatar Gakorak


May 12, 2012

lol, I understand, but I believe you marked all the scores 1 or so?  How do you expect me to read or take you seriously when your scores don't reflect it?

colourmyworld avatar colourmyworld

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 21, 2012

Clannad is definitely one of my favourites :')

And you thought School Days was shitty, too (based on your rating)... THANK YOU. XD Worst anime ever!

nallyasian avatar nallyasian


Mar 15, 2012

Hey there!  

 You came up on random so I thought I should say hi :)

HihioZabimaru avatar HihioZabimaru


Jan 15, 2012

Hello! I see you are newish to the site. So welcome! :D

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