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about me

Well .... I am a BIG FAN of Japanese anime like the all of you

I am also a PS3 gamer

i love cars specially Nissan cars and i love tuning cars and sreet racing with My Nissan 370Z

i own one of nissan and infiniti owners clubs in Saudi Arabia called "Saudi Nissan Owners"

about gaming:

i love playing the most racing games and i really love playing Metal Gear Solid 4, Demons Souls, Uncharted 2 and Final Fantasy XIII

about japanese anime:

it started when i watched the first episode of Dragonball Z. I found it really nice and intresting so i keep watching it tell the end.

after that i found my self addicted to the japanese anime and i started to watch anime after another ^_^

and i love convert them to mp4 to watch them using my PS3 on my BIG HD Screen ^_^


there's no much about me

i am just a PS3, cars and japanese anime maniac ^_^

if you have any question to me, please feel free to ask




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Saudi Arabia

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Aug 30, 2010


May all your


come true...

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