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"In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me, there was an invincible summer."
- Albert Camus

 Hey all. My name is Marek Morello, and I dig anime :]

I'm a 23 year old man, just going to school, writing away my days, and of course watching anime.

I watch anime because reality just comes off as dull, and I watch anime because I want to be moved by something. If you know of any anime that has really moved you, please recommend it for me! :D

I'm a pretty friendly guy, so add me as a friend, or just come say hey :]

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Raux Oct 18, 2011

Gosick? where are you watching it? netflix? btw. what you said about vampire knight makes TOTAL sense now! cause it was a female friend who recommended it to me. she told me it was her all time favorite..... haha and now i understand why. the two main love interests for the main character are just that rediculous strong silent, dark type. Haha, just like Edward Elric. lol. Did twilight and vampire knight come out around the same time? i wonder... probably just a crazy coincidence. Ok, I'll put gosick on my list of anime to watch.

Raux Oct 16, 2011

Oh dude, I totally know!...... Wolves rain? Can't say I've ever seen it. I'll definitely check it out, haha angel beats, tears of joy? Well, if it's that last ten second clip after the credits, I understand. But (I'm going to try for vagueness here, as to not give anything away for unknowing eyes) when he starts to grasp at air in front of him.... I totally lost it. And the sequence at the ending credits didn't help either. BUT that last clip... People tell me they hated it. But I loved it, my tears instantly stopped and I found peace in the world. I'm Watching the first season of vampire knight..... So far it's just a Japanese twilight in my opinion, have you seen it? Does it get better?

SadisticTendencies Oct 16, 2011

Well, from a guilty pleasure perspective of wanting to see random people getting randomly mutilated, Elfen Lied is a Grindhouse masterpiece, but when it's combined with attempts at beauty and a "deep" narrative, I find it hard to see the appeal. Though, obviously, many others do^^

SadisticTendencies Oct 15, 2011

Ah, okay. I used to love Elfen Lied, but I rewatched it recently and thought it was nothing better than okay. Hopefully I'll enjoy Chobits more! ^^

Raux Oct 12, 2011

 spice and wolf. holy freaking crap. i was at best buy the other day, and saw the collectors edition of season 2 and instantly bought it. and since i have it's been in circulation with my friends, no one who watches it can put it down. Such an awesome show. one of the best. Well, about Clannad, if it's not a show for you, then no problem. I will tell you that if you stick with it, it's quite possible that it'll do the same for you as it did for me. The thing is that after story is the show's swan song. I have never had a show affect me so emotionally. Never. but it didn't hit me till afterstory. Afterstory is a masterpiece. everything is tied together! for a week, if i started thinking about it, I'd start tearing up....It kind of freaked me out, i don't really consider myself that kind of guy... BUT. Again, there are some things that people can get in to, and some that they just can't. I actually loved the voice acting. This show is what made Luci Christian (nagisa furikawa) one of my top voice actresses. It is true that a lot of the voice-types are cliche'. The over-the-top best friend, the quite, socially inverted girl, the mean girl, the super super inocent girl. Yeah. Although i might not agree entirely with your opinion. know that i still respect yours. I'd recommend just toughing it out. but..then again, i don't want you to be pissed at me for making you watch a show that you abhorred.

Haha, just watched, i watched the first ten minutes, and stopped watching it for 8 months because i was so creeped out, it was completely out of my comfort zone, and then i just decided to tough it out. have you seen it? the first episode....blew my mind. overall, it was ok. but man, there are some laugh-till-you-cry parts. and some parts that bring out my anxiety like crazy.