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"In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me, there was an invincible summer."
- Albert Camus

 Hey all. My name is Marek Morello, and I dig anime :]

I'm a 23 year old man, just going to school, writing away my days, and of course watching anime.

I watch anime because reality just comes off as dull, and I watch anime because I want to be moved by something. If you know of any anime that has really moved you, please recommend it for me! :D

I'm a pretty friendly guy, so add me as a friend, or just come say hey :]

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AnimeLuver5 Nov 10, 2011

hey cabe i finished angel beats and omg it was amazing at the ending i was balling like a little baby! That show has an amazing cast (so many different awesome personalities), its so funny, so sad, and just amazing ;) my friend and i were rolling on the floor laughing one moment then crying r eyes out the next lol :) any ways how r u? what anime r u on currently

Raux Nov 10, 2011

Ok, then i shall check out some skrillex. Never heard of that other band either, i'm going to have to check it out. Dubstep is usually hit or miss with me, but if you say it's probably is. I'll let you know what i think.

Raux Nov 10, 2011

what is skrillex? I've never heard of it. Yeah, i like it. it has massive replay value for me, i catch new things every time i watch it. I really don't know if it will be in my top favorites or anything, those take massive emotional connection for me. That's what sells a good anime for me. I want to be tied to a character, feel, and empathize to an insane level. AnoHana totally did it for me. Along with a select few others. Guilty crown has potential. Most people say the characters are trash and too stereotypical (which, i think in majority is a stupid critique, i have judged anime in the past on originality, and have come up with this conclusion, Originality is not a good element to judge on. Everything somewhere has been taken before, presentation is the most important. Reviewers can get too caught up in similarities, and it saddens me) and that the story line has too many elements in it. But i like the characters, sure they are similar to other characters, but that's why i like them! Mechs, Ultimate weapons, viruses, big government conspiracies, i like those too, so shoot me. But by far, animation and sounds are my favorite aspects of this show. They blow me away every time i watch an episode. seriously. Eye orgasms. You might feel different, but i know you can appreciate the visuals and music as much as i do. - the music is very similar to angel beats, which is what got me hooked within the first 5 seconds of the show. I keep on humming the wildflower song over and over again, because it's so good.

Watch some episodes and tell me what you think, I'm interested on your take. 

Raux Nov 7, 2011

Yo Caleb, so last week i was checking out some stuff, came across Guilty Crown. I was impressed, got addicted pretty fast, have you seen it? note. although i found it super awesome, it was super awesome in the aesthetic category. felt like my eyes were having orgasms. Sound was good as well. check it out and tell me what you thought.

AnimeLuver5 Nov 4, 2011

Dang 150? And lol nerd pridE :) and nothing yet :( although I'm hoping they'll call back soon I'd really like to start working! And any new good anime?