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about me

"In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me, there was an invincible summer."
- Albert Camus

 Hey all. My name is Marek Morello, and I dig anime :]

I'm a 23 year old man, just going to school, writing away my days, and of course watching anime.

I watch anime because reality just comes off as dull, and I watch anime because I want to be moved by something. If you know of any anime that has really moved you, please recommend it for me! :D

I'm a pretty friendly guy, so add me as a friend, or just come say hey :]

Top 5 Favorite Movies

  • 1. The Fountain
  • 2. Pan's Labyrinth
  • 3. Dogville
  • 4. Moulin Rogue!
  • 5. The Life Aquatic

Top 5 Favorite Bands

  • 1. Streetlight Manifesto
  • 2. The Last Shadow Puppets
  • 3. Flogging Molly
  • 4. Daft Punk
  • 5. Fleet Foxes

Top 5 Biggest Inspirations

  • 1. Kurt Vonnegut
  • 2. Salvador Dali
  • 3. Nicolah Tesla
  • 4. Robert Oppenheimer
  • 5. Alexander the Great

my life spent on anime

  • 12 Minutes
  • 4 Hours
  • 0 Days
  • 4 Weeks
  • 1 Month
  • 0 Years

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November 3, 2008

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April 6, 2013

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total anime ratings: 209

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Squatso avatar Squatso


Jan 25, 2012

Hi! I've been talking with Raux a bunch, and he recommended me to your profile. I'm relatively new to anime, so I'm always welcome to suggestions, but I like to think I have a good selection under my belt so far. I go for pretty much anything as long as it has a great story, especially with romance (i.e. Clannad or Spice and Wolf) or is just really damn entertaining (Gurren Lagann or H.O.T.D.). But really, I can appreciate any anime if it has good character development and story. My top 5 list would probably be Clannad, FMA: Brotherhood, Toradora, Welcome to the NHK, and Spice & Wolf (but consider Gurren Lagann, Gankutsuou, and Angel Beats all interchangeable with those). Do you have any series you think I should watch, based on that?

Sorry if this seems a little out of the blue, I just like finding new people to talk anime with and in doing so, discovering new shows. Anyways, you clearly have good taste - Holo, Mizore, Saeko, and Yoko...all so great, especially the first. And on a more serious note, the quote at the top of your profile means a lot to me, I had a life-changing experience working at an overnight camp last summer, and that quote was our guiding light. Anyway, cheers!


AnimeLuver5 avatar AnimeLuver5


Jan 2, 2012

hey cabe how r u?

Mantis avatar Mantis


Dec 20, 2011

You're quick to judge every fan of a popular anime and place them into a particular "demographic". So tell me—where would you place yourself?

Raux avatar Raux


Dec 15, 2011

hey caleb, thanks for the comment on my review. It was very appreciated, and i always consider your feedback a treat. thanks you for you compliments. I'm glad you enjoyed my anologies. I think the mountain lion is the one i'm most proud of. :)

AnimeLuver5 avatar AnimeLuver5


Dec 3, 2011

Yeah it was pretty bad especially when he second time he passed us he had his window down... And don't worry i dont really ever walk home I usually ride the bus or my bike and demo is calling the school bout it on Monday... Anyways how r u?

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