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They Are My Noble Masters turned into quite a pleasant surprise for me. I walked into it expecting screw-ball and ecchi humor, and instead walked out with a genuinely sweet story. Sure, the low-brow comedy was there, but the ending also attempted to be sweet (although cheesy and/or cliche.)

Story: 7 out of 10 
The story of TAMNM plays out essentially just like you'd expect from reading the synopsis. A brother and sister appear (insert casual incest joke), they run into a rich women (insert accidental grope joke), and they end up getting a job at the mansion (insert incest and accidental grope jokes.) These are all well and good, since this is what you should expect from this genre, however, there was something extra to TAMNM.
Amicably, the show tries to give an actual emotional voice in the background, and tries to grab our attention by throwing in tons of different characters losing their parents, and even an abusive relationship with the two main characters and their father. Unfortunately, it comes off as very cheesy, and overly melodramatic, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Animation: 6 out of 10
TAMNM isn't by any means an ugly show, but it isn't a pretty one either. Average animation, average movement, and average landscapes leave us just shrugging our shoulders and saying "Eh". The only reason I gave it a 6, instead of my usual "5 for average", is because there was alot of time put into the screw-ball explosion scenes, and of course, the ecchi scenes.

Sound: 3 out of 10
Sound was a disaster. A dreadfully boring OP and ED song, unremarkable background music, and average voice acting.

Characters: 7 out of 10
Characters was tough for me to break down, because most of the characters fall into stereotypes so quickly. Fortunately, there is a saving grace, because they themselves make jokes about this (Such as the youngest sister spending an entire episode trying to find her "stereotype personality") and so on. 
Alot of the characters are fun, and heart-warming, but terribly one-dimensional (as to be expected from this genre). Despite this, I did enjoy the funny and serious moments the show offered, and I certainly laughed alot at a few of the recurring characters.

Overal: 6.5
Overall, this series is exactly what I said in the beginning. A stereotypical series, that tries and fails to throw in emotional devices, and ultimately ends up being a pleasant, casual comedy series, with enjoyable characters.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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