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I will try to be as logical as I can with this review, but allow me to say first and foremost, this is an emotional series. People who cannot get wrapped up in that torrent of melodrama and angst, probably won't enjoy the series that much. Then again, I'm not usually that kind of man, and I did fall in love with the bittersweet and tender moments presented in Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku0tachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana).

Story: 9 out of 10
As much as I want to just puff up my chest and give the series a 10, I just cannot bring myself to do it. Certainly not because the story was touching, and fantastic to watch, but rather because of some of the extras thrown in. Although it does its best to stay fresh, we are given several cliche scenes here and there that smudge its attempt at being a completely original series. However, this does not kill the storyline, as you are much too involved with the characters and plot to care much for that stuff.
We are thrown into the series when we see a boy named Jinta playing video games in his house ignoring a mousey girl behind him bugging him. Through dialogue, we are told that she is the presence/ghost/hallucination of Menma, a childhood friend he lost. After Menma passed away, his group of friends broke apart, and they largely stopped talking to each other. Through a random chain of events, a meeting with Poppo, one of the members, starts Jinta on an adventure that will ultimately pull all the children back together in order to send Menma on her way to heaven. There are of course, a lot of holes in the road on the way there.
Jinta starts off thinking that he was the only one affected by all of this, seeing as how everyone else was going to school, or working, and seemingly happy with their lives, and Jinta was a dropout bum who did nothing but eat, sleep, and play games. Through the course of his journey, he understands everyone felt exactly the way he did, and that he wasn't alone. This is one of the tender themes to the series, which they all felt isolated and ashamed of themselves for feeling this way, but together they were able to learn to recover.
The ending half of the series is all of the characters working hard to acquire the funds and permission to build a firework. Throughout the series, Jinta is trying to find ways to send Menma on her way to heaven, but they never have the right idea. It isn't until they remember that she had a wish they wanted to put on a firework to send up that they realize what they need to do. This causes panic in the group when it turns out to be the wrong wish, but ultimately leads to them fulfilling it.
The large things got me of course, but even the smaller sections made me cry and smile. Whether it be characters slowly turning from calling eachother their proper names, and reusing the nicknames used as children, to intricate webs of emotions that span throughout the group. Everything in this series holds a special place in my heart.
I won't give anything away, but in the last 2 episodes, I found myself, a grown man, crying almost straight through the series. Was it because the show was just that sad? Yeah, I think you could say that. However, to me, the story had another hidden message tucked away. For those of you still young, when you become an adult, it is only natural that your best friends will grow apart from you. It is a disgustingly honest truth that the people you hold most dear to you, will most likely fall away as jobs, love, location, and general life come between you. This series hit me where it hurt by reminding me of all the good times I had with my group of guy friends, and how those days are over. I'm not saying that it's like having a friend die, which is one of the worst feelings in the world. But it did make me look at my own youth fondly, and saddened me that being an adult is so much tougher than back then. I believe this series to be a very good one for people in that mindset.

Animation: 9 out of 10 
As with most series that take place in the physical, modern world, it is hard to easily judge animation. With most anime series, we can talk about the sprawling architecture, or incredible fantasy world, or action-packed fights, and so many other things. In series like this, you need to watch more for the camera work and little things. 
One of my personal favorites are the melodramatic scenes. The dialogue gets a bit cheesy for people (several reviews claim that they cry too much/easily, and it is unbelievable. I have no comment on this), but I believe the scenes themselves to be beautiful. Drawn out moments of crying, placed intricately with moments of silence, as if the characters themselves are too emotional to think from a proper "script".
All in all, AnoHana has wonderful graphics, but won't be the best you've ever seen. Crisp, clear, and gorgeous. It is the base-level that all "good" animation should start at.

Sound: 9 out of 10
Whenever I rate sound, I usually step back and focus on the soundtrack, the OP and ED songs, and the voice acting. For AnoHana, the soundtrack was well-thought out, the OP and ED songs average, but the voice acting is where my rating took from. Expected from a melodrama series, the voice-acting is top notch.
The scenes where characters have their breakdowns or breakthroughs exhibit some of the best dramatic voice acting I've heard in a long, long time. Whether it be the touching soft crying of Menma, or the head-thrown-back wails of Jinta, the voice acting absolutely gave me chills at every occasion.

Characters: 10 out of 10
Characters is what makes AnoHana what it is to me. The plot of AnoHana was charming, and fun, but I certainly knew from the very first episode that this is a series devoted completely to character. The series presents itself as Jinta, the fractured one, and everyone else, who is carrying on with their daily lives. You feel for Jinta at first, but quickly, we join him as other characters show themselves to be broken too. At this point, we realize everyone is just as hurt as Jinta, and it makes the storyline all the better at this point. I loved all the character so much, and will quickly give you a summary of each.

  • Jinta: The hero-turned-zero of the group, he is the main character, and is the only one who can see Menma. His relationship to Menma is that they had a kind of childhood love where they always figured they would one day be married. His effects of Menma passing are the most instantly noticeable, as he dropped out of school, and became a bum. He believes Menma is here because he never apologized for calling her ugly the day she died, and for never telling her he loved her.
  • Menma: The sweet embodiment of the groups deceased friend, she is cute, bubbly, and cartoonishly over the top adorable at times. This however, does not take away from her character, as it just helps you love her innocent nature all the more. She is unaware of why she came back, and it isn't presented to us until the very last episode. She also loves the entire group in their own way.
  • Poppo: The tiny-turned-giant character who has a heart of gold, and is largely the comedic relief to the series. He is Jinta's side-kick, if you will, and his teddy-bear like nature is largely what keeps the group on track during all of this. His effects of Menma passing is that he dropped out of school, and travels the world, trying to forget about her. He believes Menma is here because he saw her dead body first, and feels like she is angry at him for it.
  • Anaru: The sensitive, cowardly one of the group, Anaru plays a large part in pulling the group together as well. Through her love of Jinta, she tries her best to put on a smile and help them send Menma home. Her effects of Menma passing is a soul-crushing level of guilt that she keeps on herself, guilt for having been happy that Jinta (whom she loved) called Menma "ugly". She believes Menma is here because she never apologized for having felt so good about such a terrible situation, and for always being jealous of her, when in fact, she loved her so very much. She always wished Menma would go away so that she could be Jinta's fallback.
  • Yukiatsu: The handsome, athletic, intelligent one of the group, Yukiatsu presents the most shock value of them all. Due to his obsession with Menma, and Menma's obvious love of Jinta, Yukiatsu has never acknowledged Jinta as the leader, and is a cold, arrogant person at first. His effects of Menma passing are the most shocking, in that he dresses up like her, and runs through the woods. He believes Menma is here because he didn't stop her from chasing Jinta before she died, and for helping set up the conversation that led to Jinta saying hurtful things to Menma.
  • Tsuruko: The calm, calculated quiet one of the group. She comes off as cold, and uncaring at times, but in reality, she also suffers. On one hand, she misses Menma as everyone else does, and on the other, she resents both Menma and Anaru because she has been in love with Yukiatsu since they were children and he never looked at them. Her effects of Menma passing is a complete shutdown of her emotional life, and constant pain as she stands next to the man she knows will never love her. She believes Menma is here because knowingly allowed the conversation to go on in which Jinta said those hurtful things to Menma.

Overall: 9.5 out of 10
Overall, this is probably my worst review, because I was so emotionally invested in the series, I cannot even think about it properly, heh. I understand many will bash this review for its lacking of technical merit, and many will be able to point out the flaws the series has so quickly, but to me as a person, this series is damned-near perfect. I laughed, and cried, and felt so strongly for make-believe characters that I was taken-aback at times. I love this series, and I hope everyone out there can enjoy it as much as I did.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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roriconfan Jul 26, 2012

The ending was too convinient and the worst thing in this series.

Raux Oct 27, 2011

Just finished the series. like you said. Damn-near perfect. Story artwork at it's finest. Holy shit.

Raux Oct 25, 2011

"it is only natural that your best friends will grow apart from you. It is a disgustingly honest truth that the people you hold most dear to you, will most likely fall away as jobs, love, location, and general life come between you."

- Wow. Those are true words. and one of the hardest lessons you will learn. it sucks! i think that's also why i liked angel beats as well. i think it also had a similar message.

I do not think this was a bad review. But thats because i like emotion. I also read reviews to watch anime's. I want to know the jist. This gives the jist. and sometimes you just got to write down what your feeling because 1. you might explode if you don't and 2. if you expressed it so someone else in person, who hasn't experienced it, you might be ostracized. Reviews are a great media to express those feelings. The only critique i would give is the character list. although it did not deter me from the show in the slightest. i wonder if showing the list of characters was actually necessary. Maybe it was. i still really want to watch it. so maybe it fulfilled it's purpose.

good review, I'll probably post another comment after i see it to freak out a little bit. because it sure sounds like i will. Thanks for the review!