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The Sacred Blacksmith

Sep 14, 2011

Sacred Blacksmith, why couldn't you have been built like a toaster instead of a blender? Why couldn't you start off with something raw and wonderful, and then sat for awhile, before finally popping out at us, and being a delicious treat? Instead you carried on like a blender, haphazardly tossing in ingrediants that didn't always mesh, and creating a jumbled mess, hardly recognizable from your intriguing beginning.
(Editors Note: Never review on an empty stomach.)

Story: 7 out of 10.
The story of Sacred Blacksmith is fairly unique as far as animes tend to go. Set in a fantasy world with nations pitted against eachother, having to band together against a common enemy, but far from being friendly about it (where have I heard this before?) the world itself falls away from originality. However, where it does shine is focusing on a character who is a blacksmith, trying desperately to create something to protect his city. Yes the hwole "making special item A to save special city B" is quite overdone, but it felt refreshing and genuine to see a blacksmith who befriended a magic forge magic demon.
It doesn't help the series that the end has so many loose ends, it seems more mop than plot, and although I can't confirm it, I can only assume they have abother season or two in mind. Characters bog down the series heavily as well. All the character are wonderful in their own way, but have little to no depth whatsoever.

Animation: 9 out of 10.
Animation was very fresh and fun to me. A rich, vibrantly colored fantasy world, with cute moe design set against the heavy dark hues used in the war/battle scenes. A very nice clash of good and evil hidden amidst the storyline itself.

Sound: 3 out of 10.
"Whaaaat? How could you say that RedCrossRobbery?!? The OP and ED songs were so catchy, and the voice acting was all well done!" I don't know if it is perhaps a problem with the copy I watched instantly on Netflix or what, but the volume of the series was incredibly high, while the speaking was very quiet. I could go from barely hearing the character talk on a 40 on my TV's volume, and then have the floors shaking from how loud every other noise was. Also, the voice actors themselves were very poor. Most of the melodramatic scenes were full of very rushed "Noooo! That make me angrryyyy! I have spirit! Ahhhhh!" to which, yes, that may have been a dialogue issue from the writers, but it was still rough listening to such scenes (especially the 10th episode where Luke is at the round table with the embassadors).

Characters: 6 out of 10.
As much as it pains me to admit, characters felt like entering statues into a film festival. Yes, they were pretty to look at, and interesting, but they had no movement to them. They just stood there as characters. Any progression felt rushed, and fake, and in the end, the characters were almsot exactly as they started. Cecily was a dreamer, Luke was rude, Lisa was cute, and Aria was flirty.
It's an awful shame too, since every character started instantly likeable, and once or twice even hinted at progression. The only one who I felt anything at all for was Lisa, but only because her character was an innocent sweetheart, and seeing her cry made me feel sympathy for her.

Overall: 6 out of 10
Overall, The Sacred Blacksmith is a fun way to pass the time if you enjoy fantasy animes, but don't expect a masterpiece. It has poor pacing, poor character progression, poor voice acting, and only stays afloat by an itneresting storyline, and loveably bland characters.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
3/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Raux Sep 27, 2011

(accidentally cut the last response short)

I would hate to go through the whole show and not have seen any character depth or development. I'm sorry that you had to do that. But again, Good review! Keep it up. You're one of my favorites, i just wish i had more time to write some more reviews. Someday I'll hit 25.....someday.... Writing reviews in the library sucks. Computers shouldn't crash, and they shouldn't be so darn expensive to replace!

Raux Sep 27, 2011

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! RedCrossRobbery, another great review! I completely agree with what you said. I dropped this anime after watching 3 episodes, i'm surprised you actally kept up with it, and watched the whole thing. But at the same time. a reviewer should review crappy shows as well as good ones. Character development is so critical to me! it upsets me when a character is the same at the end, as they were at the beginning (well....most of the time, there are some guilty pleasures of mine that contradict that statement.)