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Sep 3, 2011

For those of you that have seen the 7.5, and think the series isn't worth watching, I assure you that even though all of these sections or score don't beat the fact that this show has that certain "x factor" about it. No matter how I complain about each section, the show still grew on me, and I do love it.

Story: 8 out of 10
Story was a difficult section to rank, because it is carried out in a unique fashion. Most animes (and shows in general, of course) progress by either plotline, or character. Chobits decides to find a middle man and progresses by character arcs if you will. The show feels almost episodic at times, but in all actuality, these small arcs of character bonding sends the storyline forward by character building, AND storyline. This isn't unique in that nobody has done it before, but rather unique in the anime world, because very few animes feel as well crafted.
The reason why this didn't get a 10 out of 10, is that looked at by themselves, the storyline is cliché and bland, and the characters are unbelievable and overly cartoonish at times. Yes, it is an anime, so the cartoony behavior is acceptable, but it pulls you away from truly feeling for the characters at times. 

Animation: 7 out of 10
Animation scores a 7, but understand that this was just me trying to balance out the differences in art work, and movement. Clamp truly did well on the artwork, as to be expected of such a wildly popular manga, every character is well drawn, and aesthetically pleasing. The problem occurs with the movement of each character.
Budget shots are heavily seen throughout the series, especially with Sumomo. Perhaps this is just a cartoony effect they wanted to go for, but it just looks downright lazy to me. Instead of smoothly flowing across the screen, the characters can look almost clownishly clunky or mechanical at times. All in all, the artwork - landscape and character - is beautiful.

Sound: 3 out of 10
Sound was the worst section of this series. I honestly believe only 2 songs were used in the series outside of the OP and ED song, and one of those 2 is just the theme song being played without singing.

Characters: 8 out of 10
Characters plays out as most animes of any fiber do. They start off as bumbling, annoying fools, with small dashes of likeable traits that grow as the series itself progresses. Chobits is a perfect example of this. Not a single character starts off likeable (besides Chii, and only because of her loveable innocence.), but over the duration of the series, every single character has a conflict that you will cheer them through the entire way, and in the end, they become mature, solid characters.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10
Overall, Chobits starts off average, and gradually becomes something special. Perhaps it is just simply the fact that you want sweet Chii to find someone to take care of her, or perhaps it's a little more complex, and you like what all the characters bring to the table. Either way, Chobits is a special series. I don't think it would be anyone’s favorite, but I don't think anyone could walk away without smiling unless they were extremely biased against the genre.


7/10 story
7/10 animation
3/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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SadisticTendencies Oct 13, 2011

Thanks for the review, Chobits is something I've been interested in for a while, and now I think I'll buy it withing the near future. I ought to read the Manga as well, I really want to check out some of CLAMP's work!