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Tears to Tiara

Mar 20, 2011

An introductory analogy. Tears to Tiara is the child of a beautiful artist, and a brilliant writer, but as a child, it only smacks brushes on a canvas, and scribbles with a pencil. Tears to Tiara is an interesting plot-line, based on Arthurian legend, that falls short due to the horrible "melodramatic" moments that infest the series like a crack-riddled prostitute on the bad side of town.

Story: 7 out of 10

Tears to Tiara is your standard popular anime title. It is full of violence, follows European culture, and has harem-esque females with oversized breasts. The actual storyline is fairly charming. A "demon-king" is awoken to give some bad guys power, but he turns out to be not all that bad. A female falls in love with him, and as he becomes chief of their clan, they decide to rebel against the dominant empire that has given them grief.

Sounds borderline interesting right? Well where it gets destroyed is the HORRENDOUS melodrama scenes. The characters COMPLETELY lose their own free-will or rational thought whenever another character delivers a speech. These "speeches" or just... trite, cliche pieces of garbage. "WHAT! YOU'RE JUST GOING TO GIVE UP INSTEAD OF CHARGING BLINDLY INTO A BILLION ENEMIES!". Without a moments thought, the previously human character, who is feeling a very rational fear, decides that "derp derp, you're right, I should charge them", and then they kill a million bad guys.

Honestly, the battle inaccuracies themselves are enough to drop this series to a 3 of 10. They sometimes will depict the Gael clan as only about 50 or so soldiers, trained in hunting deer to take on hundreds of war-trained soldiers. It is just ridiculous.

I still have no idea what the "tiara" in the title refers to.

Animation: 9 out of 10

The animation is one aspect of this series that blew me away. The first few episodes showcase a good budget by toying with the camera angles much in the same way the feature film "300" did. Slowing down mid-swing, and then speeding back up, quickly killing an enemy.

The landscape and character designs themselves are also a treat. Very clean cut, colored, and modern looking. Even though the storyline was remedial at best, the art was very pretty.

Sound: 7 out of 10

Sound is a almost unmentionable part of the series, but not necessary bad. The OP and end music were sort of irritating, but sound effects and voice acting we good.

Characters: 4 out of 10.

As a anime fan, I want so hard to tell you how much I enjoyed the characters from a comedic standpoint, but technically? Every character in the series is absolute garbage. To showcase some of my hatred, I will make a list of some off the top of my head character flaws.

- Arthur: The ONLY actual character to grow in any way. Starts off as an annoying child, and grows into a fairly decent adult character.

- Arawn: All powerful, cool, calm, collected, knows everything jesus-archetype character. Boring, and coincidentally breaks tradition custom and marries 5 women. Harem humor, yay *vomits*

- Rhiannon: Sweet, pure, angelic character. Does nothing wrong, and the purity of her character heals all evil, and inspires all to love and follow her. Boring.

- Octavia: "Hello, I've been a professional soldier for the empire all my life. I ran into a little trouble within the empire. Did you just say something cliche and overly melodramatic? I'll join your side now"

- Llyr: Failure character that cannot do anything right. Has the mental capacity of a child at times, bumbling around and crying. Character changes into a skilled warrior when placed into battle. Very stupid to watch comparison.

- Morgan: My favorite character, but unfortunate a bit of a cliche. A loud, booze loving, scantily-clad female. The most annoying part about her is that she could stand in the middle of a war, firing triple arrows at oncoming enemies for several hours, and still have a full quiver. Boo Tears to Tiara, boo.

- Rathy: Cute little kid character, who doesn't grow at all. He is the exact same unmentionable character. The only relationship he gets is to Llyr, mostly because Llyr has the same brainwave as his, that of a child.

Overall: 6 out of 10

Overall, TtT is a decent title that I would recommend to someone with a little free time, out of animes, looking for something to half watch. It should NOT be watched from a technical stand-point, or looking for something outrageously unique. Take the series for what it is, a typical, cute, action anime, with terrible dialogue, stale characters, and poor pacing.



7/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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MrAnime Oct 29, 2011

I’ve just watched the series and I honestly think it was very decent. Certainly not one of the best series ever, but it does have its spot in the top 15 favorite of my list.

But we all do have our own opinions on different things. Thank you for taking the time to write how you felt about the series. It’s always good to hear someone’s opinions and feelings, whether they are good or bad.

Raux Oct 20, 2011

Hahahahaha, another funny happenstance, i've seen about half way through this show, and i decided to look at the reviews placed on this anime, to see if people thought it was as dumb as i did. turns out i was right! and then i found my good buddy redcrossrobbery, and it turns out he feels the EXACT way i did. except i didn't even like morgan. :P

xxjacobxx3 Mar 24, 2011

Well, i have not watched the show yet, but i totally feel where you are coming from. I may try it out, but from what i have seen so far, it looks to be just as you explain (if you plan to enjoy it, do it from a comedial standpoint. at the very least, not technical). You have given many crucial pieces of information. I am... right now... looking for a more technically oriented anime. One that is logical and half way intellegent (not typical). Thanks and good job. peace.