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Chrome Shelled Regios

Feb 18, 2011

Chrome Shelled Regios.


Wow... just absolutely wow. For only 24 episodes, this anime had an 80 episode ambition. Infamously noted as a series for pushing too much into too little time, it was exactly as they all said. Chrome Shelled Regios was an interesting, fun anime that collapses under its own weight.


Story: Story receives a split decision from me. The story itself is really damn interesting, but the way the show carries it out is not. I know it must sound confusing, and I'm not entirely sure how to better explain it. Had the show been 50 episodes long, it would have been a tour-de-force of an anime. What we are instead left with is a confusing spider web of plotlines, which never get quite tied up, or for that matter go anywhere. A character named "dick" shows no real purpose besides being a sort of Deus Ex Machina, the wolf mask gang is never described in detail as to who they actually are. Even the main bad guy is only mentioned briefly, and projected as if ready for a sequel, however nothing has been announced. I suppose in short, if a second season starts up, this show may reclaim itself, but as of right now, it just didn't reach the stars it was hoping for.


Animation: The animation for CSR is wonderful. Vibrant battle scenes, imaginative cityscapes, and creepy insect monsters all make this an enjoyable watch. There is a large amount of ecchi fanservice, but it is never too horrible, and not every female character has size 400quadruple-D breasts.


Sound: Sounds was above average. Good voice acting, and great soundtrack.


Characters: This is another point the show fails at. All the characters go through so much transformation, without actually doing anything, that it bogs down the storyline and annoys you. Layfon can never truly decide if he should fight for himself, or others, or his city, or his pride, or for his lols. To be honest, the only two characters I enjoyed at all were Nina and Felli. Nina plays a great character because of how dark her character becomes. It's refreshing to see a character depressed because of someone else with a greater power. Sure, every action anime has an envious character, but I can't recall ever seeing a character that breaks them down trying to make up for the shame of not being as strong as them. It's a wonderful comparison. And Felli is a great character because she starts off as not being able to feel emotion, and through a storyline of love, and teamwork, she starts to be able to pick up on them a little more. It's subtle, but sweet, and she's incredibly adorable.


Overall: Overall, the series will get 7 out of 10. It was a very interesting storyline that became strangled by its own ambition, full of initially intriguing characters that turned out to be stagnant. I feel as though this storyline would be better told sitting down and explaining to a friend.



5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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