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Ergo Proxy

Apr 8, 2010

Ergo Proxy! How dare a show demand my admiration, and then as soon as you fit your oily fingers around it's throat, you turn into such a let down! I have never seen a series start off so strongly, to have such a week progression.


Ergo proxy can be summed up in 3 moves. 1. A brilliant pilot, followed by still interesting, but dull copies. 2. Characters pondering different aspects of life, speaking to themselves, and extended periods of nothing but filler. and 3. A weak ending, that doesn't really explain much at all. Boo Ergo Proxy, Boo!


Unfortunately, such a bland storyline was EASILY made up for by the graphics. Absolutely incredibly graphics. It was lush, imaginative, dark, and over all phenomenal. I absolutely fell in love with the series based on it's artistic direction.


Not much to say here. It's a cyber-punk series that has extended thoughts on characters outlook on humanity. Songs were operatic or discordant.


Despite such a failure of a plotline, the characters (besides stupid Vincent!) were all so wonderful. Re-L can be taken as bland at first, but this gorgeous, strong woman starts to slowly open throughout the series, and we end up truly enjoy watching her in action by the time the series ends. Whereas Vincent is bland from personality to looks, Ergo Proxy is incredibly intriguing! Such a cool looking character, and while maybe still having little substantial dialogue, the personality he gains in Ergo Proxy almost makes up for Vincent being so boring. And now the whole reason why the series was so good. PINO! Pino is an infected companion bot, who is absolutely wondrous and adorable. Throughout the series, her innocence is made all the cuter as she tries so hard to understand human life. Seeing not only a child, but a robot act this way is so incredibly intriguing. Iggy and Raul come into their own as characters throughout the series, but unfortunately Daedelus plays the token mad boy scientist so many animes seem to lap up. Another personal favorite character of mine was known as "The Gate Keeper of Memory". He has a line in the series that truly blew me away. "The future is an opaque mirror. Anyone who tries to look into it, sees nothing but the dim outlines of an old and weary face". What a fantastic quote.


Overall, despite having a boring storyline, a weak ending, a lame main character, and perhaps the biggest let down in storyline of any anime I've ever seen, little things help you make it through, and despite all of my complaining, I actually ended up enjoying the series as a whole. Yes, the storyline took a turn for the worst, (the gameshow and Smileland episodes? WTF!) the dialogue, and other characters helped it pull through. Not to mention absolutely breathtaking animation. Even as a cyber-punk genre hater, I enjoyed how it was implemented in Ergo Proxy. I'm glad to have watched it :]

4/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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