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Hey anime planet members.  As you've probably guessed my username is Red747 and I watch anime.

The first time I watched anime, I didn't know anime existed nevermind the fact that what I was watching at the time, Pokemon, was anime.  The first time I knew I was watching anime was when a highschool girlfriend made me.  I don't even remember what most of it was but the one that caught my eye was Fullmetal Alchemist and yes the 2003 version.

Anyways, most of my hobbies besides watching anime include listening to different types of Rock, reading comic books, watching movies of most genres, playing Tekken or Final Fantasy on my Playstation, or learning languages other than English, including Spanish, German, and small bits of Farsi(Persian), Japanese, and French.

I just completed my first semester of college(university) in Mass, so obviously I have had trouble actually finding time for my hobbies.

Back to anime though I don't mind watching anime with any amount violence, gore, sexuality etc. but I perfer there either to a artistic purpose or realism in these matters, i.e. excessive blood.  And yet understating these is also a turn off from the anime.

I don't mind most genres but I have to be in the mood to watch any of them.  I barely recognize any of the Japanese terminology concerning this so sometimes I get confused.  Although I've been watching anime for three years now, I've never actually been part of an anime community. The one genre I find boring is horror.  This is true of movies too.

Well I think that's all, so I guess I'll be talking with you later.

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