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Current status: In case anyone wondered where I went (since I've basically disappeared after being highly active), I went back to graduate school (still working full time). So... I barely carve out time to watch anime/read manga, let alone get online and chat about it. Hopefully will return when the degree is in hand... (O_o)


Just your average anime-otaku here, folks! Got hooked in college, and haven't looked back since.

'Top 5' is subject to change... and was really hard to pick in the first place. So I've expanded the 'favorites' list below.

Other Honorable Mentions: Beck, Chrono Crusade, Escaflowne, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gravitation, GTO, Hellsing, Kodomo no Omocha, One Piece, Saiunkoko Monogatari, Samurai Champloo, Slayers, Trigun, Witch Hunter Robin

Note About Dropped Anime: Dropped anime does not necessarily indicate that I didn't like it. Especially series I've only seen a couple episodes of - I would never give up on a series after so few episodes. Most are series I saw at anime events, where they just show an episode or two of each series. So rather than being something I started watching then dropped, it's more the case that I saw a couple episodes elsewhere and just didn't pick it up (or at least haven't yet).

Other than anime, I'm into books and movies (so basically my life is spent out-of-touch with reality). And other geeky things like computers & video games, mainly RPGs. Ever play the old Kings Quest series for PC (or just about any of the Sierra adventure games)? Man, those rocked.

Anyway, I'm also a complete language-geek. Love to learn any languages I can... which means I know little words and phrases of a whole bunch of languages, but not enough to be really useful. :)

Although I've always been American, I lived in Italy and Germany before moving to the US when I was 12. It felt really strange to hear English all the time, so I compensated by moving to the 'big city' where there's a nice international community. And of course watching lots of anime so I get to hear Japanese!

Messengers: I put my messenger names up - at one time or another I've used them all. I access them all, but I will selfishly prefer if you use the msn, ICQ (13855705), or yahoo, since my AIM is pretty overloaded with people. ^_^ Also, if you're adding me, it might be a good idea to tell me (comment or pm in the forum), because I might deny authorization requests if I don't realize who you are!

As you can see, I'm "Reawen" wherever I go, and so far it's fairly unique, so if you come across a Reawen somewhere, there's a good chance it's me! Of course, I've been using it for about 11 years and since nothing disappears from the internet, you may be finding the ridiculous postings typical of a 14-year-old... How embarassing ^_^

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Notmyidea says...

I was too bored with it! It was just light and bloody. I may decide to come back one day though!

Dec 25, 2010
sothis says...

happy bday :)

Sep 8, 2009
wolfangel87 says...

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

Jul 13, 2009
bleachor says...

Hey, i just dropped by some few people atm, then i saw your comment on a dude, wich dropped full metal alchemist:P i saw that you liked DMC ( Devil May Cry )

I must say, the games are incredible;D i have Devil May Cry 3 Special edition, and Devil May Cry 4, those are good games, but if you want to get the full story of it you should play from game 1 to 3, then watch the anime, then play game 4, because the anime is after game number 3, as far as i know, the game number 3 is sort of a pre Devil May Cry, since you are young in that game, and... yeah, just play the games;)

You Should;3 those games are just awesome;)


Hope to get a reply on my comment;)

Sincerly bleachor =3

Apr 24, 2009
Habhome says...

Habhome: "You have to hide! Quickly, in here!"

*shoves you into a closet*

Reawen: "W-who are you?!"

Habhome: "No one, just stay quiet!"

*leans a chair against the closet door*

Habhome: "Can you get out?"

*Reawen tries to open the door, but fails*

Reawen: "No..."

Habhome: "Ah, that's good. Then you don't have to be quiet anymore."

Reawen: "T-then, may I ask you who you are, and what do you want?"

Habhome: "Oh, me? I'm your stalker, and I just managed to get you exactly where I wanted... "

*High pitched laughter*

Habhome: "Oh, sorry about that"

*clears throat*

*Deep, evil, manical laughter*

Habhome: "Thats more like it!"

Jan 23, 2009