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Midori Days

Jun 13, 2013

You wanted a girlfriend, you tried so hard, rejection after rejection didn't stifle your desire and now you've been rewarded.  She appeared in the night to fulfill your dreams, but seeing you have the luck of every young man in an anime series, she's replaced your hand, like seriously you no longer have a right hand.

Story - 8/10

Midori Days took a rather original take on a few Anime cliche's, the boy longing for a girlfriend and the village tough guy, and as in shows past such as GTO, they're both the same person, high school student Seiji Sawamura.  

Seiji scares away rival gangs and protects his weakling friends using his legendary Demon Right Hand, but unfortunately this also scares away any females he would hope to date.  One day he awakens to find the problem of finding a girl has been solved, but in the process he no longer possesses that killer punch of his, as it's been replaced by Midori.

Now Seiji must juggle your typical Anime problems, such as school, a social life and a crazed Gang leader sister, all while figuring out how to return Midori back to her full sized body.

Animation - 7/10

There's nothing really out of the ordinary about the animation, but they do have some episodes where vast amounts of detail are put into the array of clothing and figurines in the local puppet shop.  

Sound - 6/10

To tell you the truth there isn't much i can remember about the sound or music put into the series, which i guess could be a good thing if you want a story that drives you as oppose to montages or gimmicks to keep you amused.

Some of the character voices can get a bit annoying over the length of the series, ok just Midori's really, but it's not so bad that it ruins the show.

Characters - 6/10

For the most part the characters aren't very creative.  Neighborhood tough guy, helpless nerd, love struck girl and psychotic family member, all things we've seen before in Anime.

Midori does put them together in a creative way, and does a decent job building the characters, but its not enough to rival those series with deeper plot lines and longer series durations.

Overall - 7/10

Midori Days is a fun little series that isn't too hard to like.  Its got a creative story and a good bit of humor to keep you attached to the show.  Though while it has you enjoying the series I think the cut off of thirteen episodes helps that out, by making sure the story doesn't get stale.

Its a good show for comedy fan and could be picked up easily that enjoy your more normal slice of life high school shows.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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