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Yugo the Negotiator

Yugo the Negotiator seemed like a decent series due to its unique story, but it really just became apologist hogwash and a waste of time.

Story - 2/10

So Yugo is, you guessed it, a negotiator.  He tries to free hostages around the world, yet in the series we see him free only 2, and hear about little else he's done, despite being a guy who people pay huge sums for and search out.

The first negotiation is in Pakistan, where Yugo is promptly beaten, watches people die by terrorist and then goes on to say its not really their fault they're terrorist, its all the army's fault (who end up being made the bad guys while the terrorist are just misunderstood)

The Russian arc is a much better story and the only reason they are even getting a 2, if it was based on Pakistan it'd be 0 all the way.  Yugo must protect a little girl and deliver her and her ring, which prove her relationship to a powerful dynasty.  

The story is much more to your standard Anime and doesn't become convoluted like the first portion.  There is more of a relationship building aspect to the story and twist and turns that keep it slightly exciting.

Animation - 5/10

The background animation is done very well.  The two lands really do look like their real life counterparts.  The many characters in the series are drawn to a more cartoony aspect, but done well and their actions pull a lot of feeling from their environment around them.

Sound - 5/10

Though not the best soundtrack, unless you like the genre, it does match the surroundings of Yugo, which middle eastern music in Pakistan and Russian music in Russia.  The sound effects are also done well, but Yugo's voice is slightly irritating in its calmness.  

Characters - 4/10

While no character is built up or even easy to connect with, there are a few who are introduced who are created well as supporting characters.  As for Yugo himself, we learn very little, except he actually seems terrible at his job.

Overall - 3/10

The only reason I think I even went as high as a 3.5 is because I think I paid about $8 for the whole series.  It just lacks in the action and political aspects of the series, and the story line was below subpar.  Of all my Anime I'd say it falls way towards the bottom along with Risky Safety and Abenobashi.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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