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While I can understand an inside joke here or there in an anime, Anenobashi tried to use it to cover their laziness in making what started out as a very promising Anime.

Story -  4/10

The overall story of the show isn't so bad.  Two young friends, about to be torn apart by the relocations of ones parents, try to have one last day of fun together, until something terrible happens.  Now while traveling through many strange new worlds they try to find their way home, while one does what he can to reverse the misfortune that awaits them.  During their travels they learn of how the shopping arcade, where they live and their families have stores, was created and their families roles in the creation.

A solid story for an Anime, but unfortunately the show turns into an agonizing retelling of Ground Hogs Day.  While each episode had its little jokes (which aren't nearly as funny as those in other anime….or dropping an anvil on your foot) they just weren't enough to keep the monotony of the same story happening again and again from becoming watchable.  You can easily watch episodes 1-3 and then just skip to episode 11, save yourself the 2+ hours in-between.  And if that was the case I could rate the story a 7 or so, but as a whole, its not.

Animation 8/10

They do a decent job making each world different and in line with the form of Anime they're copying.  Having the same characters in each world, making them different but still recognizable, earned them some extra points here.

Sound 1/10

Having reviewed this from the American translation I wanted to just give up on episode one due to the voice overs.  I get they are suppose to be "South Japanese" but making them sound like complete hillbillies was a terrible idea and didn't get the point across.  Period or area specific accents make sense when the characters are from an area outside Japan, say in Baccano! or L/R, but having southern accents (for only two of the characters) was just off putting.  Also while its not sound related, the dialogue for their little chant to move worlds was annoying the first time and infuriating by the 3rd, if you're going to have something repeated episode after episode try and make it not sound like something you whipped up right before starting the recording session for the dub.

Characters 4/10

I couldn't take the main characters in the story.  They didn't even attempt to build them up and I couldn't have cared less if they made it home, I'm sure their families would have agreed.  

Where they made some progress was in the stories and the build up of their families.  Going back and showing us the youth of Grandpa Masa, Eutus and Mune-Mune, the many sides of Papa and even the town locals.  All who were created as much more complex and interesting characters than the main two.

Overall - 2/10

As a whole I just wanted to finish this anime from the second I started it, as I went on I didn't change my feelings.  It didn't come even slightly close to being a great comedy anime, it fell flat as a travel story and young love story, and its just an anime I wouldn't waste my time rewatching (which isn't easy since i've watched most series twice, if not 5+ times for the better ones)

4/10 story
8/10 animation
1/10 sound
4/10 characters
2/10 overall

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The dub is absolute shit, might be worth your time watching a subtitled version