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Name's Rachel. I'm sixteen and live in NY, which I hate. Originally from CA. I love writing, drawing, hanging out with my friends, talking to new people, listening to rock/hardcore/metal/emo/grindcore music<3, reading, and of course watching anime. I hate doing what I'm told, math, hot weather, misery, ignorant or arrogant people, and people who only complain about how Bush has destroyed everything (any president would be hated for doing the exact same thing so stfu and get a life).

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July 26, 2008

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July 29, 2008

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kenshina avatar kenshina


Jul 26, 2008

Hiya again.

About Naruto character.  True, I like Itachi too (since the moment I understood that he was actually the best brother).

Hmm, Of course.  Trigun is so good!

Trinity BLood, Peace Maker Kurogane, Black CAt (you already have on your top 5), Digimon (I really liked the first season~), Pokemon, Sailor mooon... Okay stop!  I guess you want anime like naruto or D.gray man style?

There is also Bleach.  Hmm, and then Devil May cry (short but real nice), I think BBB (Big black brothers or soemthing like that) was not that bad... but well, I only watched the first ep.

Hm, ah, and there is One piece (it is super good too! I only read manga though). 

You can always check on my viewed or watching or stalled, or dropped anime list =p.

Catch you later.

kenshina avatar kenshina


Jul 26, 2008


Welcome to Anime-planet (AP).

About your top 5:  I like D.gray man.  I started watching it just recently and Yea, it is good!

Who's your favorite?  Hmmm, I think I like Lavi and Kroley.  >_<  Allen is nice and Kanda is cool too........ (ah, I might name them all after all)

I like Naruto too, but guess, I prefer it >> manga.  Usually mangas are better than animations.

My favorite in Naruto is Rock Lee!  He is funny!

About Profile:  Well, each their own.  I (usually) have no one I hate or dislike... but well, I hate what they do (such as stealing, lying, and stuff like that).  I don't care about Bush.... I mean his action.  What if I care anyway?  They will do what they will.  Well, except in some special occation. 

well Then, that's it.  see ya.

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