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I'm a massive Indie Nerd.... i've been playing video games since I learned I had aposable thumbs, been listening to music ever since I found out that, thats what ears are for :D

There's not a lot to my life, hang out with my mates, who you may know as Turkey, Scollay and Pancake Pete, I play video games, listen to music, eat junk food etc.I work as an electrician and i'm 20 this april.

I've got a lovely girlfriend who I can't convince to cosplay as Tifa and a good family who I can't convince that I've achieved anything this year bar completing video games and spending money on anime/video game memorabillia.

Basically i've been watching anime for quite a while, but recently me and my mates have been looking for loads of new ones as we're all heading to auchinawa 08 this year, and we wanna show up not being n00bsauces ^^

Hopefully you guys can help, and thanks for reading ;)

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2007digitalboy Feb 14, 2008

Oioi, my favorite bands would be... The Mars Volta, Agalloch, Shabutie/Coheed and Cambria, Dredg, and some others. Yeah, I have weird tasee lol/.

As for anime reccommendations, just watch what's in my top 5 eespecially Eureka Seven and Gurren Lagann.  

2007digitalboy Jan 23, 2008

I feel ya, man, I love music myself, especially the off-the-wall stuff. What bands are you into? Also, my dad used to work as an electrician - I'm pretty sure he was up to apprentice rank or something - I know he was apparently good at it, lol. Anyway, have fun on the site!