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Wanginator Mar 29, 2011

Hello! Glad to see that we share at least a similar taste in anime. I make it a point to try and watch anime that other people haven't reviewed yet, so I can be the first one to throw my thoughts out there. Haven't had time recently, unfortunately. Anyway, thanks for the comments!

XxZeroeZxX Dec 29, 2010

Don't worry about it

XxZeroeZxX Dec 29, 2010

Hey dude, sorry I haven't gotten back to you in a while... I'm planning on being online most of the day today cause I'm gonna try to put in all my fall season reviews (minus Shiki since it's not finished yet)

ThePatches Nov 23, 2010

Thanks again for the comment. This time on Manabi Straight. It was a sort of random event, but I'm hoping will get a few more done down the line.

ThePatches Oct 3, 2010

Thanks for commenting on my Itsudatte! My Santa review.

Truth is, I was hoping that people would avoid it entirely. I thought that anime was crap. I imagine you had an enjoyable month of watching anime you liked. I feel that it's a fair trade. ^_^