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MetalGoddess says...

Hey Rawr! It's DarkGoddess from EIS! Thought I would add you, though your profile puts me to shame ^^; You've watched at lot more than I have lol.

Jan 19, 2010
XTheKiller says...

hey carrot,I add you as fried,it's that OK?

Jul 14, 2009
abby4ever says...

ohhhh thank you very much:D

Jun 30, 2009
KingDeadKira says...

Well the king is here and he wont stand for this much gayness. time for some notebook action. 

Jun 19, 2009
Sui says...

Awesome x)

Yeah, I heard it did go further, and WAY further, that's why I'm hoping for another season in the anime ^^;

One of my favourite voice actors is the voice of Shou, and there wwas NOT enough scenes with him in the anime so I want more ;__________; ALOT more. If there is not a 2nd season I will be disappointed. ;^q

I don't know why, one of my other friends tried to make me read the manga too, buit I feel that it will ruin the excitement for me if there ever was another season. D:

Because the main reason Skip beat is on my top anime, is because every episode left you wanting to know what happens next. It was so gripping!! D:

So yeh, I don't really want to read the manga, because then I would know!! xD;  maybe my impatience will get to me soon enough though, and I might do otherwise. hehehe x3

Jun 18, 2009