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Small Anime bio below; (work in progress still)

Basically started watching anime when i was about 14 or so, use to come home from school and watch Tekkaman on Cartoon Network along with DBZ(I know i suck) then went on to watching movies every Friday on sci fi, Patlabor, Detonator Orgun Stuff like that.

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Devoto Nov 26, 2008

Hey - thanks for the welcome ^^

Heiwa Nov 25, 2008

Thank you, I'm really enjoying it so far ^^

SatoshiJiro Feb 14, 2008

Not sure I'm allowed to post this.. but I read all my manga online from: OneManga.com 

They have a huge selection; and you don't have to download anything.  They didn't try to make a fancy navigation either, just kept everything pretty simple which I really like.

Good luck!  Since I've started visiting that site, I've hardly gotten any anime watching done. :P

SatoshiJiro Feb 14, 2008

Welcome to A-P! 

Your avatar and top 5 caught my attention; I'm a big Claymore fan myself.  If you haven't done so, I would recommend reading the Claymore manga as well; or skip until the 'War in the North' chapters; which is around the time the anime really seperates itself from the manga.

I actually only recently finished reading the manga (or what they have released so far), and I'm glad I did.  .. I was thirsting for a Claymore quencher and it it definitely worked.

In any case, I'll shut-up.  Hope to see you around AP sometime; check out the forums as well - lots of excellent information there.

sothis Feb 11, 2008

Hey Raven, welcome to the site! Awesome to see a filled in profile so quickly - now all you need is a bio and avatar! hehe ^_^

Hope you enjoy your stay here!