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Lifetime wish is to watch all of the Mobile Suit Gundam series .-.


About Me

Hi, my name's Paul, I was born in The Philippines but I moved to Australia when I was 9.

I have always loved playing games and watching Anime throughout my childhood and I still love in now. My favourite genre of Anime are Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Superpowers, Mecha and Harem.

My favourite progtagonist in series's are normally the ones that are either bad-ass (Alucard) or an idiot (Luffy)... or both. (Ikki)

When I find an interesting anime and/or manga series, I will neglect all the important task that were assigned to me and ignore most things. I once left a project that is supposed to be worked on for a duration of two-three months only to leave to the day before it is due. (Legit happened) 

These are the sites that I use to watch Anime or read Manga:

#1 Animefreak (The main site I use to watch Anime)

#2 Mangareader (The main site I use to read Manga)  

#3 Crunchyroll (High quality videos)

#4 Gogoanime (Only use it for older series)

 #5 Mangafox (Only used if Mangareader is not working :P)

#6 Youtube (When I can't be bothered going on another site LOL)

# 7 MangaDeer (Love using for reading plenty of chapters in one sitting)




"You're crazy... I like that..."

Arthur <3 HAHAH!

"Flying into Spain.... mmh... baked to perfection."

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My dude in Skyrim dressed at up as Taric from League while doing the Thriller dance... :)

Shiraishi :3


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dragonslayer1516 says...

i was wounddering where u were watching amagi brilliant park b/c i cant seem to find it anywhere i look

Oct 11, 2014