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Hello! and welcome to my profile!

I am Raux, for about a year before joining, I had stumbled across this website while trying to find some recommendations of good Anime to see. I found this site to be the most informative I could find, and shortly after joining i began to write my own reviews. Although i do not pop them out like rabbits, every review that i write is given hours of consideration and many rough drafts. I am not fast at these. I don't quite enjoy writing reviews about Anime's that i do not like. Yet even though i don't like it, I realize it's benefit, it shows you what you like and what you do not like. I give this website credit for giving me a way to increase my writing skills, and for developing my judgement in art. The friends I have made here I hope to have for a long while.

I love stories, Anime has some great ones. I was prejudice against Anime for a while because, like the cursed twilight saga, it obtains some wierd followers that make your skin itch just being around them. As I've grown, I've realized, there are people who I make itchy, and it's a poor reason to judge. There is beauty, as well as deformation in this artform. But in the end it comes down to this. I loves me a good story!

Here is my rating system, for those of you that are interested. first and foremost. My review rating system and my star rating system are totally different.

With my reviews, I am logically analysing everything I see, the progression of story, the feel of the score, the appeal of the animation. Although I will express my personal feelings of it, I try not to let personal preference completely hinder my judgement.

Review ratings:

10 - Hasn't happened, just like perfection, it is a goal that i always shoot for, but will fall short of. It's a method of motivation 

9.5 - Best of Best I've ever seen. if someone argues with me about a 9.5 in person, I will very likely start raising voice as if defending a family member. These are stories I feel have changed me and affected me for the better, down to my core.

9 - Amazing, if it were a person, I'd have it raise my own child in my stead if I were dead.

8 - a great watch, a few problems, but overall it affected me very emotionally and was a very well-built artistic machine

7 - Give it a watch, it'll be awesome

6 - You bored? this will entertain you

5 - Good stuff, but only needed in small doses

4 - not really good

3- pretty bad

2 - Terrible

1 - .......why did anybody spend money on this? people really thought this was good enough to make?

0 -  Just ignore it, like that annoying guy in class who seriously ate paper during class to see if anyone would talk to him about it. 

As for my star rating, the method is quite simple. 

5 stars - I freaked out hard core while watching it

4 stars - I freaked out a lot

3 stars - pretty good, definitely needed to eat something while I was watching it.

2 stars - not going to lie, I could have fallen asleep while watching this

1 stars - haha, I definetely fell asleep, my dreams were more entertaining

0 stars - hated it. hate hate hate

Favorite Anime - ok, I have something called my pedestal, only three are allowed on the top at one time. and they all share first place.

Note: the positions are going to change as more Animes are viewed, and as my preferences and tastes develop.

       Steins;gate, Anohana, and Clannad (imagine it on a throne of gold, these shows deserve it)

                                      /                                          \

Usagi Drop, Blue Exorcist, Lovely Complex, Bakuman, Dragon Ball Z (not GT), Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Silver Spoon, Golden Time, Toradora, Skip Beat, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, Gosick, Spice and Wolf 1&2, Darker than Black, Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Elfen Lied, "Phantom; Requiem for Phantom", FMA, FMA B-hood, Angel Beats, Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo,  Highschool of the Dead, Trigun, Angel Beats, Kokoro Connect, Durarara, Monogatari Series, Chihayafuru, Log Horizon, Sword Art Online

                   /                                                                                  \

Last exile, My Little Monster, Ano Natsu De Matteru, Ghost In a Shell, Sekerei, Amagami SS, Birdy The Mighty, Gurren Lagaan Cowboy Bebop Ouran Highschool Host Club, SHUFFLE!

Favorite Female Characters:

1.Nagisa (Clannad)

2.Meiko (Anohana)

3.Kirisu (Steins;gate)

4.Holo (Spice and Wolf)

5.Taiga (Toradora)

6.Megumi (Nodame Cantabile)

7.Saeko (Highschool of the Dead)

8.Tenshi (Angle Beats)  

9. Celty Sturluson (Durarara!!!!)

10. Amber (Darker than Black)

11. Ayumi (honey and Clover)

Favorite Male Characters

1.Takashi (Highschool of the Dead) 

2.Tomoya (Clannad)

3.Hei (Darker than Black)

4.Ryuuji (Toradora)

5.Shinichi (Nodame Cantabile)

6.Takumi (Honey and Clover)

7.Shu (Guilty Crown)

Honerable mentions:

Ichigo (Bleach) - Yeah, I dropped the show for a bit, but i REALLY like him!

Goku (Dragon Ball Z) - He is my superman of Anime....Superman is my favorite.... 

If you want to hit me up some more, become my friend on facebook. Tell me who you are, and I'd be glad to converse some more! www.facebook.com/mattyboy56 If you are my friend here on Animeplanet, you better me my friend there!

There we go, much better than my last Bio               

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Squatso says...

Hahaha, I had my own (shameful) Pokemon Renaissance this past summer...at the overnight camp I worked at, my co-counselor and I would stay up playing HeartGold and SoulSilver after the kids went to sleep. Nostalgia at its finest, I logged like 100 hours over the month I had it...best employee ever?

Jan 25, 2012
Squatso says...

Oh damn, haha...well, I'm definitely looking forward to it, I'll probably get a lot more mileage on it tonight. Also, while not exactly an emotional blow, I got nostalgic as hell when they were all playing "Nokemon", that was absolutely fantastic...

Jan 25, 2012
Squatso says...

Finished Spice, it was wonderous. Lawrence made me proud.

Just finished AnoHana episode 1...wow. I almost cried a little towards the end, and that was the first episode. I'm really in for it with this one, aren't I? Haha, but in all seriousness, this looks very good, and very emotional. I like that.

Jan 24, 2012
Squatso says...

[Clannad Spoilers]

Wow. I had such a similar experience with Clannad, it's a little eerie, even. Nagisa's death is easily the best anime scene I've ever experienced, but by "best", I don't mean enjoyable...at all. It was physically painful to watch that the first time (the second time, too, but it didn't hurt quite as bad), and I could hardly get a breath in I was crying so hard. Being single definitely helped, since I'd been without someone close for awhile, and when you get that immersed in another world, it's inevitable that you form attachments to the point that you experience what the characters experience. It felt unfair and infuriating, but most of all, it inspired a feeling of such helplessness and despair...episode 16 was the last one I watched that night, and the next day, I had to go to work. My boss was actually concerned about me because I looked so depressed. That level of emotion has never been inspired in me by any piece of media or art, before or after Clannad, and because of that, I will never forget it. It was also the first anime DVD I bought, and yeah, I spent the whole, absurdly expensive 120-odd dollars for it, and I would have paid more if they'd charged it. So yes, while it has imperfections like the good-but-not-great first two arcs of After Story (I love the soundtrack way too much to mark its repetition as a con, haha), Clannad is special. Toradora is just a damn good series, good enough to be one of my all-time favorites. No show has quite the same effect on you as Clannad, though.

But I agree with you, Toradora felt a lot like a complicated dish that's often overcooked prepared just perfectly. Balance is the right word. Every character was relatable on some level, and they were all incredibly believable. Of course, on a more basic level, they meshed together amazingly well, creating genuinely funny comedy in the beginning as well as tense and emotional drama later on. I really can't fault Toradora, not in any way.

On that note, I'm about to start the last episode of Spice and Wolf II, and it's stressing me the hell out. HOLO, YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE!!! (I feel like my tears are forming a battalion, waiting for the call to CHARGE!!)

Jan 24, 2012
Squatso says...


Hahaha, sound like a girl? Please...I could count on 1 hand the times I've even teared up a little during a movie or tv show before I started watching anime, but now I rarely watch a series where I don't get a little watery (well, I didn't in Fumoffu, but ya know how it goes) and there are quite a few where I've sobbed hardcore. It doesn't bother me in the least, though, it just lets me know that the studio did a good job getting me attached to their characters.

But yeah, oh man, that Angel Beats ending was sad as hell. He confesses to the girl she loves, and suddenly it's "oh, thank you! That was all I needed to leave this world......seeya!" Poor guy. The little extra scene totally made up for it, though.

I too love me some anime marathons, so I get you. So, Toradora...I do admit, while Ami and Minori were fantastic in their own ways, I absolutely love Taiga. She is probably my favorite female lead, and if not, tied with Holo. Best tsundere I've seen (sorry Kyou, I still love you, haha). And that kiss scene, exactly, hahah. It's so perfect how she starts out just as uncomfortable as he is but slowly just gives in to her feelings, ah, so damn good. Also, that is the best interpretation of her leaving that I've seen so far. I actually can look at it differently now, and I don't really mind it anymore...thank you!!! That was the only con I could think of for the entire series... I think Toradora and Clannad will forever be battling for my affections. Clannad is just so goddamn beautiful, but at the same time imperfect in some ways, and while Toradora doesn't have the same scale and dramatic levity, the whole package is just so unbelievably enjoyable. And that's why we have both!!

One last thing, I have to say, I love your bio. I find it a little mind-blowing how many similar interests we have. It's pretty rare to find another person who holds Elfen Lied and H.O.T.D. on the same level as Spice and Wolf and Toradora. Basically, what I'm saying is cheers, good sir. You have good taste.

Jan 24, 2012